How to block annoying spam calls and ID callers in SA

Have you ever received an unknown or a spam call or SMS and wondered who it is? The chances are high. Users now have an opportunity to identify who is calling them with an app called Truecaller.

The app will make your communication safe and efficient. Over 250 million people are using Truecaller today and the app blocks over 500 million spam calls monthly in Africa. Truecaller lets users block annoying spam and unknown calls to put an end to mobile spam like Telemarketing and blank calls.

Truecaller app also introduces the new Flash Messaging, which allows you to send quick pre-defined messages to any Truecaller user to let them know if you’re in distress, you’re on your way, your location, or that you’ve reached home. These are some of our favourite features: See who’s calling

Identify the person or company calling before you pick up. See the true identity of each incoming call — landlines, mobile, or pre-paid — even if the number isn’t stored as a contact in your phonebook.

Block unwanted calls Block and report spam callers and telemarketers South Africa so other users can avoid them too.

Call people, not numbers Replace unknown numbers in your call history with names and photos and see if your friends are busy before you call.

Notification will be sent to the receiver informing them to call back the number or the person. Switch to a dark theme

The dark theme makes night time calling, texting, or looking up numbers much less heavy on the eyes. Send quick flash messages

With flash messaging, you can avoid calling or writing out a full text message. This is a new way to send pre-defined messages to friends and family to let them know if you’re in distress, you’re on your way, your location, or that you’ve reached home. Or perhaps, just an emoji to indicate you’re safe and sound.

Get Truecaller on your phone for the best caller ID and block for all your calls and SMS now:

Visit the Truecaller website[1] for more information.

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This article was published in partnership with Truecaller.


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