Got rubbish broadband speeds? Try the Three Home-Fi. New plan announced.

You’re at home. You’re struggling with slow broadband. The reality of “Superfast internet” is either a flaky ADSL connection or, if you’re properly unlucky, old-school dial-up access.

Some are lucky. Some can get fibre to the cabinet or cable broadband access[1], but for the rest it’s a super-slow connection. Sure, over the years there have been alternatives.

Satellite broadband is an option, but it’s usually more expensive than a standard ADSL connection and – if you want to try and keep the price down – a low data cap too.

Got rubbish broadband speeds?
pTry the Three Home Fi. New plan announced. We’ve covered the Home-Fi routers from Three[2] before. You may remember how residents in Hebron[3] got some for free and we had a good look at the Home-Fi router last year[4].

Now the network is launching a new 40GB plan for this, and if you can get a decent Three signal at home, you’ll be laughing. No line rental, no wires, no lengthy installation and up to 32 devices connected to the Home-Fi wireless hotspot with plenty of data per month. Have a guess how much?

Try just ?24. To be honest that’s about all I need to say. I like this.

In real-life usage you’ll probably be getting around 20Mbps over the router and you can find out more about it in the video below or on the Three website[5]. It will appeal to many, including those living in homes and caravans without a directly wired connection. It’ll also free you from that infamous line rental charge, which can range from ?14.99 to ?18.99 per month just for having a bit of cable into your house.

The router works a bit like a MiFi, but plugs into the mains. It grabs a 4G signal from the local Three mast and then gives you a WiFi hotspot to connect to.

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Three launches new tariff for reliable broadband with no landline

Three UK has launched a new 40GB tariff on their popular HomeFi; a hassle free broadband device which does not use a costly landline. With no need for wires, customers can simply plug in and play with HomeFi, the perfect device for those who only want to pay for Wi-Fi and not for the wire.

The 40GB tariff will be available online and in store from 23rd May 2017. Priced at ?24 per month, customers no longer need to worry about paying for a landline they don’t use. There are no lengthy installations required and up to 32 wireless devices can be connected to the HomeFi router, making it the must-have device for a busy household.

In November 2016, residents of Hebron, Northumberland saw just how beneficial HomeFi could be when Three provided 98 residents from the village with its broadband units. Before this, residents relied on corrupted old broadband lines for their internet access, but with fast, reliable internet, businesses became more successful, children could do their homework efficiently and old friends were able to catch up online after years of bad connections. A spokesperson at Three, said: “Everyone deserves the right to fast internet and we have been the pioneering network in providing mobile broadband and data since we launched.

It’s our mission to get everyone online and we know that, unfortunately, for many people across the UK this is still not as straightforward as it should be. On the back of its success we’re delighted to be able to offer customers 40GB worth of data per month with HomeFi.” Customers can check service in their area before purchasing with the Three service checker, available here:

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Three HomeFi can do so by heading to their local Three store or online at

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