Do you belong to the Virgin Media 1 per cent club?

Do you belong to the Virgin Media 1 per cent club?

The timings were slightly different today but not by much and all the ping monitors we have checked for Virgin Media customers are showing the same issue once more, i.e. base line minimum latency has risen by around 20ms.

Ping monitor showing poor latency for Virgin Media customers

BQM on the evening of 17th May

20ms does not sound like much but when combined with the packet loss some people are seeing, and the best speed test we could find while writing this news update was 27 Mbps down and 11 Mbps up[1] it is clear things are not good for Virgin Media customers again. A simple search on twitter shows lots of people complaining, and its not just our tools but other minor services like Amazon video people are reporting issues with. Mark over at ISPreview[2] chased Virgin Media for a comment earlier on Wednesday, where Virgin Media state ‘A very small number of Virgin Media customers (less than 1%) may have noticed a deviation in their expected connection performance when using some tools and websites’.

On that basis if the volume of queries being fielded on twitter and elsewhere by support staff is generated by a deviation for 1% we hate to imagine what would happen if 20% of the five million broadband customers where to have an issue.

The performance drop was a much sharper event on Tuesday evening so it is possible something did fail on their network and the work around is congesting more, but as the operator is reporting a loss of just 0.98% of capacity we’d hate to see the result of losing another 0.98%.

The Wednesday evening performance drop took place over a 30 to 40 minute period, so fingers crossed the missing 0.98% will be found soon.


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