Demand for fibre set to boom in Africa – SEACOM

SEACOM Chief Development Officer Suveer Ramdhani has said the telecoms industry in South Africa and Africa is about to experience a fibre and mobile broadband boom. “Many, perhaps even most, Internet connections on the continent are sub-1Mbps that do not meet the demand among businesses and consumers for fast and plentiful bandwidth,” said Ramdhani. He said that while mobile broadband has an important role to play, fibre infrastructure is important for connecting mobile towers and giving users affordable last-mile access to high-speed services.

Ramdhani said that due to trends towards higher video consumption and cloud computing, users will need to find their way to a fixed-line connection.

“Mobile operators will need to look at their business models and decide whether they will evolve to capture all of our data spend, or whether they will continue to provide relatively-expensive services for niche mobile use,” said Ramdhani.

SEACOM said it would focus on providing fibre access to businesses and consumers, and connecting to more countries, in 2017.

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