Cisco Launches ‘Infinite Broadband’

Cisco has announced the availability of its ‘Infinite Broadband’ Remote PHY solution (RPHY) for Cable Access networks. It’s a reaction to operator demands for improving broadband while supporting new applications including OTT streaming video and 5G mobile backhaul. Cisco’s RPHY combines the CableLabs standards Remote PHY with DOCSIS 3.1 to expand capacity of the cable HFC plants.

It builds on the Cisco cBR-8 converged broadband router and GS7000 node platforms. RPHY allows for a reduction of power, cooling and hub site sizing, providing significant total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits. The technology is based on open, standardised software that was contributed to Cable Labs OpenRPD forum in 2016.

It is the foundation for Cisco’s virtualization and Full Duplex DOCSIS strategy. “Evolving our access network is part of our long-term strategy to build the next generation of cable access converged networks based on open standards,” said Colin Buechner, managing director, Access Network, Liberty Global plc. “Remote PHY will allow Liberty Global to continue providing the best customer experience, based on the highest bandwidth, cutting-edge technology and interoperable ecosystem.” Cisco is also planning to provide for interop testing between these OpenRPD vendors using a third-party testing facility.

Among the companies planning to participate in the test are VECTOR Technologies, BKtel networks and Teleste.

RPHY has been shipping to customers in multiple countries since April 2017.


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