Best Android apps 2017

Your phone[1] is capable of many things, but at its heart it is a phone, and designed for keeping in touch with friends, family, colleagues and whoever else you fancy a chin wag with.

Your phone will have a messaging app and a dialler built-in. What it may not have is online messenger and calling services that allow you to contact friends over an internet- rather than cellular connection.

Two of our all-time favourites are WhatsApp Messenger[2] and Skype[3]. WhatsApp is now free for all users, and lets you send and receive free messages, pictures, videos and voice messages over the web.

If you have a tablet, laptop or PC you should also check out WhatsApp Web[4] for synching messages between the two. Also see: How to install WhatsApp on a tablet[5].

Skype, meanwhile, is the video chat service for people who don’t have iPhones and iPads. It’s an excellent way of speaking face-to-face with people who are too far away to visit.

If you’re not fussy who it is you’re chatting to, and you’re a fan of online forums, you’ll also be pleased to learn Reddit[6] has recently launched its full Android app.

What is Reddit, though? “There’s a Reddit community for every subject imaginable: your favourite sports team, relationship advice, memes, silly gifs, the latest in news and politics – all in real time,” states the official download page, and we couldn’t say it better ourselves.

It’s free – go get it.


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