Asianet Broadband launches GIGA Fiber 200 in Kozhikode

MUMBAI: Asianet Broadband, part of Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd has launched GIGA Fiber 200 in Kozhikode, Kerala. Offered on a new optical fibre network that will cover 45,000 homes in the city at the launch and will be in a ready-to-connect state, it is planned to cover 1 lakh homes across the city and outskirts in phases. Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd president and COO G Sankaranarayana said, “Lightning-fast downloads, simultaneous streaming, plenty of data and very high-speed to ensure a great experience even with multiple users. New areas like virtual reality and telemedicine are all possible today. Possibilities are endless.

Kozhikode is just a start and we are going to roll out GIGA fibre across other markets in Kerala too.”

With 200 Mbps speed and 200 GB data priced at Rs 999, customers who pay three months’ rent in advance will get a free-to-use Wi-Fi fibre optic modem.

Asianet Broadband claims to have a subscriber base of close to 2 lakh homes, and SME and corporate customers in 56 towns across Kerala.

Asianet Broadband Launches GIGA Fiber 200 In Kozhikode Asianet Broadband Launches GIGA Fiber 200 In Kozhikode

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