Airtel to offer 100% more data on broadband

THE HANS INDIA | May 17,2017 , 11:47 PM IST

Bharti Airtel on Wednesday announced new plans for its home broadband users, offering up to 100 per cent more high speed data benefits within the same monthly rentals. “Our new plans are aimed at putting India onto the digital super highway and complement our superfast broadband offerings like ‘V-Fiber’,” said Hemanth Kumar Guruswamy, CEO, Bharti Airtel., Airtel has built a future ready network and introduced ‘V-Fiber’ that delivers consistently superfast broadband speeds of up to 100 Mbps to homes. Its refreshed broadband plans are designed for ‘V-Fiber’ superfast broadband. The Rs.899 plan in Delhi now offers 60 GB high speed data compared to 30 GB earlier, while the Rs 1,099 plan will now offer 90 GB of high speed data compared to 50 GB earlier. The Rs 1,299 plan now offers 125 GB compared to 75 GB and the Rs 1,499 plan offers 160 GB compared to 100 GB, it added.

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