6 Cape Town motorists arrested for R627,000 in outstanding fines

Six people on the City of Cape Town’s top 100 warrant evaders list have been nabbed for failing to settle fines totalling more than R600 000. Mayoral Committee member for safety, security and social services JP Smith on Friday said the six – including a proxy – had a total of 749 warrants between them, worth R627 000. They were released on warnings.

“We’ve issued a number of warnings to scofflaws in recent months about settling their fines. Our ability to track them down is growing by the day, so there is less chance of getting away with unpaid traffic fines,” he warned. “Do the right thing and settle your debt or you could be in for a rude awakening.”

He explained that Operation Reclaim – a dedicated enforcement initiative designed to track down motorists with outstanding warrants – saw its officers tracking down fine dodgers at home, work and at roadblocks. Resources to this unit have been increased. Scanners are also used on a vehicle’s number plate to confirm if motorists have outstanding fines.

They have five vehicles fitted with cameras that are able to scan number plates and identify vehicles with outstanding warrants of arrest. Smith said it was pointless to issue traffic fines if transgressors didn’t face the consequences. Motorists are traced if they fail to pay their admission of guilt fines and do not appear in court.

A warrant of arrest is issued, which Operation Reclaim executes.

Smith said the evader is apprehended and taken to the holding cells where they await their appearance before a magistrate for contempt of court.


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