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Internet access grants received

MOUNT DESERT — ConnectME, the state agency set up to help achieve “universal availability of broadband” internet service in Maine, has awarded a $100,000 grant to Mount Desert for expansion of service to the Pretty Marsh area and $69,066 to the Cranberry Isles for a transmission tower on Islesford. Mount Desert said in its grant application that the proposed broadband expansion “consists of 25.72 miles of extension passing 325 potential subscribers at an estimated not-to-exceed cost of $774,876.” “The actual cost will be determined once funding is approved and construction and make-ready costs are known.”

Voters at the May 2 town meeting were told that the cost could be as high as $700,000. They voted to authorize the town to issue bonds of up to $350,000 with the understanding that Charter Spectrum, formerly Time Warner Cable, would pay the rest. “Chances of a provider establishing services to the Pretty Marsh area without financial assistance are unlikely because this geographic area does not meet Charter’s minimum density standards, and the cost is prohibitive for the local residents and businesses to fund,” the town said in its grant application. The town of Cranberry Isles said in its application that the town, and particularly Islesford, is “under enormous pressure to have internet service restored.” “The only provider of internet to Islesford Redzone Wireless is withdrawing its service to Islesford in October of this year. This project will restore service and fully address the reliability and poor service levels that have been experienced by islanders for many years.”

Voters at the March 11 town meeting authorized the town to spend up to $1.2 million for a fiber network to provide broadband service to the town’s three inhabited islands: Great Cranberry, Islesford and Sutton. Axiom Technologies, which the town has selected to build and operate the network, has pledged to contribute up to $205,000 in cash and labor. The cost of the broadband infrastructure on Islesford, including construction of a 100-foot tower, is expected to be around $752,000.

“The tower on Islesford will receive the signal from a 30-foot tower on Great Cranberry and then distribute internet service … through a fiber-to-the-home connection that runs to each of the 140 homes on Islesford,” the grant application said. “If successful with this grant, construction activity will commence immediately and all logistics of moving tower construction materials to the island via barge will be coordinated.” ConnectME awarded grants totaling $479,812 to eight Maine towns in May. Mount Desert’s $100,000 was the largest.

Internet Access Grants Received

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NFU Scotland unveils 11-stop Highlands and Islands tour

A FIVE-DAY roadshow will take place across the Highlands and Islands in order for NFU Scotland to spend time with farmers and crofters. Commencing on Monday, June 5, until Friday, June 9, the roadshow has been organised by the union in order to gather views on crofting law reform, payment issues, species management and future support post-Brexit, amongst other topics. The roadshow will also be sponsored by Toyota, and is in partnership with Avonline Satellite Broadband.

NFUS president, Andrew McCornick and vice president, Martin Kennedy, will be on the road, alongside crofting policy manager, Lucy Sumsion, and local group secretaries. Mr McCornick will attend venues on June 8 and June 9, while Mr Kennedy will be present on June 5 and June 6. The itinerary will be:

Monday, June 5 – 11am to 2pm at Lochaber Rural Complex, Fort William, and 7:30pm at Lochailort Inn;

Tuesday, June 6 – 9am at Clan Donald Centre, Sleat, Isle of Skyle, 11:30am to 12:30pm at Lochside Crafts Cafe, Dunvegan, and 7:30pm at Lochmaddy Hotel, North Uist;

Wednesday, June 7 – 12noon to 3pm at the public car park, found on Pier Road, Tarbert, Isle of Harris, and 7:30pm at Caladh Inn, Stornoway;

Thursday, June 8 – 11am to 1pm at the Tesco car park, in Ullapool and 7pm at Durness Golf Club;

Friday, June 9 – 12noon at the Craggan Hotel, Skinnet, Talmine which will include a croft walk at Melness Crofters Estate, and 7:30pm at Lairg Community Centre.

Liberty Broadband Corp (LBRDK) Needle Moving on Volume

Shares of Liberty Broadband Corp (LBRDK) have seen the needle move 1.01% or 0.89 in the most recent session. The NASDAQ listed company saw a recent bid of 89.07 on 335509 volume.

Now let’s take a look at how the fundamentals are stacking up for Liberty Broadband Corp (LBRDK). Fundamental analysis takes into consideration market, industry and stock conditions to help determine if the shares are correctly valued. Liberty Broadband Corp currently has a yearly EPS of 5.35. This number is derived from the total net income divided by shares outstanding. In other words, EPS reveals how profitable a company is on a share owner basis.

Another key indicator that can help investors determine if a stock might be a quality investment is the Return on Equity or ROE. Liberty Broadband Corp (LBRDK) currently has Return on Equity of 15.94. ROE is a ratio that measures profits generated from the investments received from shareholders.

In other words, the ratio reveals how effective the firm is at turning shareholder investment into company profits. A company with high ROE typically reflects well on management and how well a company is run at a high level. A firm with a lower ROE might encourage potential investors to dig further to see why profits aren’t being generated from shareholder money.

Another ratio we can look at is the Return on Invested Capital or more commonly referred to as ROIC. Liberty Broadband Corp (LBRDK) has a current ROIC of 14.55. ROIC is calculated by dividing Net Income – Dividends by Total Capital Invested.

Similar to ROE, ROIC measures how effectively company management is using invested capital to generate company income.

A high ROIC number typically reflects positively on company management while a low number typically reflects the opposite.

Turning to Return on Assets or ROA, Liberty Broadband Corp (LBRDK) has a current ROA of 13.87. This is a profitability ratio that measures net income generated from total company assets during a given period. This ratio reveals how quick a company can turn it’s assets into profits. In other words, the ratio provides insight into the profitability of a firm’s assets. The ratio is calculated by dividing total net income by the average total assets.

A higher ROA compared to peers in the same industry, would suggest that company management is able to effectively generate profits from their assets.

Similar to the other ratios, a lower number might raise red flags about management’s ability when compared to other companies in a similar sector.