Ofcom caps price for most popular fast broadband

Customers can expect a cut in the cost of ultrafast broadband after the regulator cut the price BT can charge rivals offering the service. Ofcom is capping the wholesale price for the most popular fast broadband line, which offers download speeds of 40Mbit/s and upload speeds of 10 Mbit/s. Openreach, the BT business that controls Britain’s internet network, currently charges broadband service providers ?88.80 a year for this line.

The regulator wants Openreach to cut that to ?52.77 within four years.

“We would expect much of this reduction to be passed through by retail providers to their customers, resulting in lower bills,” Ofcom said. The regulator will not cap Openreach’s wholesale charges for its higher-speed packages. It believes that capping the price of the 40/10…

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