Virgin Media Broadband

I’ve got a family of 5, We all use the internet. On my days off i like to relax and play online shooters where i get to take my stress out on other peoples lifes by shooting them in the face and making them cry. My kids all have tablets and all are obessed with youtube. My Girlfriend is obsessed with talking to people WhatsApp ect so there’s a lot of internet usuage. Anyway… I decided to upgrade my Virgin broadband from like 20mb to 200mb. I also have all the other shite, XL package, HD TV, 2 boxes, ect ect so yeah, i’m a bloody good customer.

Since Upgrading I’ve rarely had anywhere near 200mb, I understand that it’s all to do with the area you’re in ect but I’ve had 113mb at one point so my area is obviously capable of that at least. So why is it that most of the time i’m getting like 40mb and today I’ve been at 1mb all day! When I go to virgin media service status they’re telling me there’s nothing wrong with the broadband service in my area!!

Bullshit! Apologies if i’m rambling. Xmas beers and pissed offness.

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