This monster table shows everywhere you can get fibre-to-the-home in South Africa

Fibre-to-the-home is growing rapidly in South Africa, with many operators rolling out fibre networks across the country. Many Internet service providers are selling fibre services using the infrastructure of multiple FTTH providers. While these ISPs offer great coverage maps of the services they sell, it is hard to find a single place where all the areas with FTTH coverage are listed.

MyBroadband asked all the prominent FTTH network providers for their coverage areas and compiled a comprehensive table with all the suburbs where you can get FTTH – posted below.

FTTH Coverage in South Africa

Eastern Cape
Suburb Province Provider
Essexvale Eastern Cape Openserve
Glendinningvale Eastern Cape Openserve
Greenacres Eastern Cape Openserve
Hallack Road Eastern Cape Openserve
Heronwood Place Eastern Cape Openserve
Humerail Eastern Cape Openserve
Humewood Eastern Cape Openserve
Linkside Eastern Cape Openserve
Little Walmer Golf Estate Eastern Cape Openserve
Longmeadow Residential Estate Eastern Cape Openserve
Lovemore Heights Eastern Cape Openserve
Lovemore Heights (Melsetter ) Eastern Cape Openserve
Lovemore Heights Estate Eastern Cape Openserve
Lovemore Heights Melsetter Estate Eastern Cape Openserve
Lovemore Park Eastern Cape Openserve
Lovemore Park (Meadow Ridge) Eastern Cape Openserve
Lovemore Park Meadow Woods Eastern Cape Openserve
Madison Park Estate Eastern Cape Openserve
Martinique Eastern Cape MTN
Mill Park Eastern Cape MTN
Mill Park Eastern Cape Openserve
Millard Grange Eastern Cape Openserve
Miramar Eastern Cape Openserve
Mount Croix Eastern Cape Openserve
Pari Park Eastern Cape Openserve
Pezula Estate Eastern Cape Vodacom
Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape Openserve
Sardinia Estate Eastern Cape MTN
South End Eastern Cape Openserve
Summerstrand Eastern Cape Openserve
Summerstrand (Casa D Oro) Eastern Cape Openserve
The River Club Eastern Cape Openserve
Thriftwood Eastern Cape Openserve
Walmer Eastern Cape MTN
Walmer Eastern Cape Openserve
Walmer Heights Weymouth Place Eastern Cape Openserve
Walmer Township Eastern Cape Openserve
Wedgewood Complex Eastern Cape MTN
Welbedacht Eastern Cape Openserve
Welbedacht Estate Eastern Cape Openserve
Westview Village Eastern Cape Openserve
Weybridge Estate Eastern Cape Openserve
Free State
Baysvalley Free State Openserve
Bayswater Free State Openserve
Dan Pienaar Free State Openserve
Groenvlei Ah Free State Openserve
Heuwelsig Free State Openserve
Pentagon Park Free State Openserve
Rayton Free State Openserve
Toscana Free State MTN
Universitas Free State Openserve
Waverley Free State Openserve
Woodlands/Hillandale Estate Free State Vodacom
3 on Beaufort Estate Gauteng Vodacom
85 Fountain Road Gauteng MTN
95 Wilton Gauteng MTN
Aftonwold Gauteng MTN
Alanglades Gauteng MTN
Aldara Park Gauteng Openserve
Aquila Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Atholhurst Gauteng Openserve
Atholl Gauteng Fibrehoods
Atholl Gauteng Openserve
Baileys Muckleneuk Gauteng Openserve
Barbeque Downs Gauteng Greencom
Barbeque Downs Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Barrington Complex Gauteng Vodacom
Beaulieu Gauteng Greencom
Beaulieu Estate Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Bedfordview Gauteng TT Connect
Benoni Gauteng SADV
Berario Gauteng Openserve
Bergbron Gauteng Openserve
Beverley Gauteng MTN
Beverley Gardens Gauteng Fibrehoods
Beverley Gardens Gauteng Openserve
Beverly Estate 2 Gauteng MTN
Beverly Hills Gauteng MTN
Birdhaven Gauteng Vumatel
Birdhaven Gauteng Openserve
Blackheath Gauteng Vumatel
Blackheath Gauteng Openserve
Blairgowrie Gauteng Vumatel
Boardwalk Gauteng Openserve
Boardwalk Meander Gauteng Openserve
Boardwalk Villas Gauteng Openserve
Bordeaux North Gauteng Fibrehoods
Bordeaux South Gauteng Fibrehoods
Borgo de Felice Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Boschkop Iq Gauteng Openserve
Bridgefield Estate Gauteng Openserve
Broadacres Gauteng Greencom
Broadacres Gauteng Openserve
Broadacres Estate Gauteng Frogfoot
Broadacres Park Gauteng Openserve
Bronberg Gauteng Openserve
Bronberg Close Gauteng Openserve
Bronberg Estate Gauteng Openserve
Brooklyn Gauteng Openserve
Bryanston Gauteng Openserve
Bryanston Gauteng SADV
Bryanston East Gauteng Openserve
Bryanston Ext.


Gauteng Fibrehoods
Bryanston South Gauteng Vumatel
Bryanston West Gauteng Openserve
Bushwillow Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Carlswald Gauteng Greencom
Carlswald Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Carlswald Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Cedar Lakes Gauteng MTN
Celtisdal Gauteng Openserve
Cezanne Gauteng MTN
Charlamagne Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Chartwell North Gauteng MTN
Constantia Park Gauteng Openserve
Country Life Park Gauteng Openserve
Country View Estate Gauteng Openserve
Cowdray Park Gauteng Openserve
Craigavon Gauteng Greencom
Craighall Gauteng Fibrehoods
Craighall Gauteng Openserve
Craighall Park Gauteng Fibrehoods
Craighall Park Gauteng Openserve
Craighavon Gauteng SADV
Cramerview Gauteng Openserve
Cresta Gauteng Openserve
Crowthorne Estate Gauteng Openserve
Dainfern Gauteng Smart Village
Dainfern Estate Gauteng Frogfoot
Dainfern North D16 Gauteng Vodacom
Dainfern Valley Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Dennehof Gauteng Openserve
Die Hoewes Gauteng Openserve
Dombeya Ridge Gauteng Openserve
Douglasdale Gauteng Greencom
Douglasdale Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Douglasdale Gauteng Openserve
Douglasdale IQ Gauteng Openserve
Dowerglen Gauteng TT Connect
Dunkeld Gauteng Fibrehoods
Dunkeld Gauteng Openserve
Dunkeld West Gauteng Fibrehoods
Dunkeld West Gauteng Openserve
Dunvegan Gauteng TT Connect
Duxberry Gauteng Openserve
Eagle Canyon Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Eagles Crag Gauteng MTN
East Town Gauteng Openserve
Edenburg Gauteng Greencom
Edenburg Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Elandspoort Jr Gauteng Openserve
Eldo Lakes Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Eldoraigne Gauteng Openserve
Elma Park Gauteng TT Connect
Elton Hill Gauteng Fibrehoods
Elton Hill Gauteng Openserve
Emmarentia Gauteng Vumatel
Epsom Downs Gauteng Openserve
Equestria Gauteng Openserve
Erasmuskloof Gauteng Openserve
Erasmusrand Gauteng Openserve
Faerie Glen Gauteng Openserve
Faerie Glen Gauteng SADV
Fairland Gauteng Openserve
Featherbrooke Gauteng MTN
Ferndale Gauteng Openserve
Florida Glen Gauteng Openserve
Florida Glen Gauteng Openserve
Fontainebleau Gauteng Vumatel
Fontainebleau Gauteng Openserve
Forest Town Gauteng Vumatel
Forest Town Gauteng Openserve
Fourways Gauteng Greencom
Fourways Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Fourways Gauteng Openserve
Fourways Gauteng SADV
Fourways Gauteng Openserve
Fourways Gardens Gauteng Smart Village
Franklin Rooseveldt Gauteng Vumatel
Gallo Manor Gauteng Vumatel
Gallo Manor Gauteng Openserve
Garsfontein Gauteng Openserve
Garsfontein Jr Gauteng Openserve
Glenadrienne Gauteng Vumatel
Glenadrienne Gauteng Openserve
Glenferness Gauteng Greencom
Gleniffer Gauteng Openserve
Greater Pretoria East Gauteng Frogfoot
Greenside Gauteng Vumatel
Greenstone Gauteng TT Connect
Greenstone Gauteng SADV
Greymont Gauteng Openserve
Groenkloof Gauteng Openserve
Groenkloof Golf Gauteng Openserve
Groenkloof Jr Gauteng Openserve
Hamilton Mews Gauteng MTN
Hartbeespoort Jr Gauteng Openserve
Hartebeespoort Gauteng Smart Village
Hazelwood Gauteng Openserve
Heidelberg Gauteng Smart Village
Hennops Park Gauteng Openserve
Heron Hill Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Highlands Jr Gauteng Openserve
Highveld Gauteng Openserve
Hillcrest Gauteng Openserve
Houghton Estate Gauteng Openserve
Hurl Park Gauteng Openserve
Hurlingham Gauteng Vumatel
Hurlingham Gauteng Openserve
Hurlingham Gardens Gauteng Vumatel
Hyde Park Gauteng Openserve
Illovo Gauteng Fibrehoods
Illovo Gauteng Openserve
Inanda Gauteng Fibrehoods
Inanda Gauteng Openserve
Irene Gauteng Smart Village
Irene Gauteng Openserve
Jacanlee Gauteng Vumatel
Kempton Park Gauteng Smart Village
Kempton Park Gauteng SADV
Kengies Gauteng Greencom
Kensington Gauteng Openserve
Kent View Gauteng Openserve
Killarney Gauteng Vumatel
Killarney Gauteng Openserve
Klevehill Park Gauteng Openserve
Kloofzicht Gauteng Openserve
Kosmosdal Gauteng Openserve
Kramerville Gauteng Openserve
Kudu View Gauteng Openserve
Kyalami Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Kyalami AH Gauteng Greencom
Kyalami AH Gauteng Openserve
Kyalami Estate Gauteng Greencom
Kyalami Glen Estates Gauteng Greencom
Kyalami Hills Gauteng Greencom
La Vie Nouvelle Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Linden Gauteng Vumatel
Lonehill Gauteng Greencom
Lonehill Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Lonehill Gauteng MTN
Lonehill Gauteng SADV
Lukas Rand Gauteng Openserve
Lyme Park Gauteng Fibrehoods
Lyme Park Gauteng Openserve
Lynnwood Gauteng Frogfoot
Lynnwood Gauteng SADV
Lynnwood Manor Gauteng Openserve
Lynnwood Park Gauteng Openserve
Lyttelton AH Gauteng Openserve
Lyttelton Manor Gauteng Openserve
Maboneng Gauteng Maboneng
Magaliesig Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Magaliessig Gauteng Greencom
Magaliessig Gauteng Openserve
Malanshof Gauteng Vumatel
Marlboro Gauteng Openserve
Maroelana Gauteng Openserve
Matisse Gauteng MTN
Meadowhurst Gauteng Openserve
Melrose Gauteng Vumatel
Melrose Gauteng Openserve
Melrose Arch Gauteng SADV
Melrose Estate Gauteng Openserve
Melville Gauteng Vumatel
Menlo Park Gauteng Openserve
Menlyn Gauteng Openserve
Meyersdal Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Meyersdal Nature Estate Gauteng Openserve
Meyersdal View Gauteng Vodacom
Midrand Gauteng SADV
Midstream Estate Gauteng Smart Village
Modderfontein Gauteng TT Connect
Monaghan Farm Gauteng MTN
Montana Gauteng SADV
Montroux Gauteng Vumatel
Monument Park Gauteng Openserve
Monument Park Gauteng SADV
Moodie Hill Gauteng Openserve
Mooikloof Gauteng Openserve
Mooikloof Ridge Gauteng Openserve
Moreleta Park Gauteng Openserve
Moret Gauteng Vumatel
Morningside Gauteng Greencom
Morningside Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Morningside Gauteng MTN
Morningside Gauteng Smart Village
Morningside Gauteng Openserve
Morningside AH Gauteng Openserve
Morningside Manor Gauteng Openserve
Murrayfield Gauteng Openserve
New Brighton Gauteng Openserve
Newlands Gauteng Openserve
Newtown Gauteng Smart Village
Nieuw Muckleneuk Gauteng Openserve
Noordwyk Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Norscot Gauteng Openserve
Northcliff Gauteng Openserve
Norwood Gauteng Fibrehoods
Oakdene Gauteng SADV
Oaklands Gauteng Fibrehoods
Olivedale Gauteng Vumatel
Olympus Gauteng Openserve
Olympus AH Gauteng Openserve
Olympus Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Orchards Gauteng Fibrehoods
Osummit Gauteng Openserve
Oude Klippen Manor Gauteng Openserve
Oude Klippen Villas Gauteng Openserve
Park Town Gauteng Openserve
Parkhurst Gauteng Vumatel
Parkhurst Gauteng Openserve
Parkmore Gauteng MTN
Parkmore Gauteng Openserve
Parktown Gauteng Vumatel
Parktown North Gauteng Vumatel
Parktown North Gauteng Openserve
Parkview Gauteng Frogfoot
Parkview Gauteng Openserve
Parkview Gauteng SADV
Parkview Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Parkwood Gauteng Vumatel
Parkwood Gauteng Openserve
Paulshof Gauteng Greencom
Paulshof Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Paulshof Gauteng SADV
Pedmore Close Gauteng MTN
Petervale Gauteng Openserve
Pine Lake Grove Gauteng MTN
Pine Rock Gauteng MTN
Pretoria CBD Gauteng SADV
Pretorius Park Gauteng Openserve
Pta University Sport And Farm Gauteng Openserve
Quellerina Gauteng Openserve
Rand Park Gauteng Openserve
Rand Park Ridge Gauteng Openserve
Raslouw Gauteng Openserve
Raslouw AH Gauteng Openserve
Ravens Hill Gauteng MTN
Riepen Park Gauteng Vumatel
Rietvalleirand Gauteng Openserve
Rietvlei Ridge Gauteng Openserve
Risidale Gauteng Vumatel
River Club Gauteng Openserve
River Club Golf Course Gauteng Openserve
Riverclub Gauteng MTN
Riverclub Country Estate Gauteng MTN
Riviera Gauteng Vumatel
Riviera Gauteng Openserve
Rivonia Gauteng Fibrehoods
Rivonia Gauteng Greencom
Robin Hills Gauteng Vumatel
Roodepoort Gauteng Smart Village
Rooihuiskraal Gauteng SADV
Rosebank Gauteng Openserve
Ruiterhof Gauteng Vumatel
Rynfield Gauteng TT Connect
Saint Olympus Gauteng Vodacom
San Briano Gauteng MTN
San Chiara Gauteng MTN
Sandhurst Gauteng MTN
Sandhurst Gauteng Openserve
Sandown Gauteng Openserve
Sandton Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Sandton Gauteng SADV
Sarantan Estate Gauteng MTN
Savoy Gauteng Fibrehoods
Saxonwold Gauteng Vumatel
Saxonwold Gauteng Openserve
Shandon Lane Gauteng MTN
Sharonlea Gauteng Vumatel
Sibiti Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Silver Birch Gauteng MTN
Solridge Gauteng Openserve
Sterrewag Gauteng Openserve
Stone Village Gauteng Openserve
Stratford Gardens Gauteng Vodacom
Studio Park Gauteng MTN
Summerfield Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Summerset Gauteng Openserve
Sundowner Gauteng Openserve
Sunninghill Gauteng Greencom
Sunninghill Gauteng Metrofibre Networx
Sunninghill Gauteng SADV
Syferfontein Ir Gauteng Openserve
Tallam Gauteng MTN
The Helmsley Close Gauteng MTN
The Stables Gauteng MTN
The Willows Gauteng Openserve
The Willows Jr Gauteng Openserve
Two Rivers Country Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Valeriedene Gauteng Openserve
Van Gogh Gauteng MTN
Vandia Grove Gauteng Fibrehoods
Vandia Grove Gauteng Openserve
Victory Park Gauteng Vumatel
Villariche Gauteng MTN
Vorna Valley Gauteng Greencom
Waterfall Gauteng Smart Village
Waterkloof Gauteng Openserve
Waterkloof Glen Gauteng Openserve
Waterkloof Ridge Gauteng Openserve
Waterkloof Valley Estate Gauteng Openserve
Waterval Estate Gauteng Openserve
Waterval Estate Gauteng Openserve
Waverley Gauteng Fibrehoods
Weltevreden Park Gauteng Openserve
Wendywood Gauteng Openserve
West Cliff Gauteng Openserve
Wierda Glen Estate Gauteng Openserve
Wierda Park Gauteng Openserve
Wierda Valley Gauteng Openserve
Willow Acres Gauteng Openserve
Willow Glen Ah Gauteng Openserve
Willow Park Manor Gauteng Openserve
Willowild Gauteng Vumatel
Windsor Glen Gauteng Openserve
Winston Ridge Gauteng Fibrehoods
Winter Cherry Gauteng Openserve
Witpoort Jr Gauteng Openserve
Wynberg Gauteng Openserve
Zamori Estate Gauteng Vodacom
Alverstone KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Athlone KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Atholl Heights KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Ballito Business Park KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Belvedere KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Bogmore Caledon KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Bothas Hill KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Broadway KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Chelmsfordville KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Chiltern Hills KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Clarendon KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Cornubia Estate KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Cowies Hill KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Dawncrest KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Gillitts KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Glenashley KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Glenhills KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Hawaan KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Hillcrest (Langford Estate) KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Hillcrest Park KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Hilldene KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Kloof KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
La Lucia KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Mahogany Ridge KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Melk Houte KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Mount Edgecombe Estate KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Mount Edgecombe North KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
New Germany KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Padfield Park KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Panorama Park KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Park Hill KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Plantations KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Prestondale KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Riverhorse Valley KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Rouken Glen KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Shelly Beach KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Simbithi Eco Estate KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
St Helier KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Town Bush Valley KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Umhlanga KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Umhlanga KwaZulu-Natal SADV
Umhlanga Ridge KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Umhlanga Rocks KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Virginia KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Wembley KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Westmead KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Westville KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Winston Park KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Woodside KwaZulu-Natal Openserve
Bali Villas KwaZulu-Natal MTN
Beverley Hills Estate KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Brentwood Estate KwaZulu-Natal MTN
Bretenwood KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Clifton Hills KwaZulu-Natal Vodacom
Dunkirk Estate KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Forest Hills KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Gillitts KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Hawaan KwaZulu-Natal Frogfoot
Hawaan Forest Estate KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Hill Top Estate KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Hillcrest KwaZulu-Natal Smart Village
Ilala Ridge KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Izinga KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Kloof KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Kloof KwaZulu-Natal MTN
La Lucia KwaZulu-Natal MTN
Maytime KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Mount Edgecombe Estate KwaZulu-Natal Vodacom
Mzingazi Estate KwaZulu-Natal Vodacom
Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal Smart Village
Prestondale KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Royal Palm Lakes KwaZulu-Natal Vodacom
Seaward KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Seaward Estates KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Sherbourne Estate KwaZulu-Natal MTN
Springhill Place KwaZulu-Natal MTN
Umdloti Bellamont KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Umdoni KwaZulu-Natal Smart Village
Umhlanga KwaZulu-Natal Smart Village
Umhlanga Rocks KwaZulu-Natal MTN
Umhlanga UIP area KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Upper Umhlanga Security Trust KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
Victoria Country Club Estate KwaZulu-Natal Mitsol
The Aloes Limpopo Openserve
Bankenveld Golf Estate Mpumalanga Vodacom
Rivergate Mpumalanga Openserve
West Acres Mpumalanga Openserve

Northern Cape

El Toro Park Northern Cape Openserve
Hadison Park Northern Cape Openserve
Herlear Northern Cape Openserve
Hillcrest Northern Cape Openserve
Western Cape
Albury Place Pinehurst Western Cape Openserve
Atlantic Beach Golf Estate Western Cape Openserve
Auvergne Western Cape Openserve
Avalon Estate Western Cape Vodacom
Avignon Security Estate Western Cape Openserve
Bakoven Western Cape MTN
Bantry Bay Western Cape Octotel
Bantry Bay Western Cape Smart Village
Bantry Bay Western Cape Openserve
Baronetcy Western Cape Openserve
Bel Ombre Western Cape Openserve
Bishopscourt Western Cape Openserve
Blouberg Western Cape Frogfoot
Blouberg Strand Western Cape Smart Village
Boschendal Western Cape MTN
Boskloof Eco Estate Western Cape Vodacom
Bosmans Crossing Estate Western Cape Vodacom
Burgundy Western Cape Openserve
Burgundy Estate Western Cape Frogfoot
Camps Bay Western Cape MTN
Camps Bay Western Cape Smart Village
Camps Bay Western Cape Openserve
Cape Town Western Cape Openserve
Cape Town CBD Western Cape Cybersmart LightSpeed
Cape Town CBD Western Cape Smart Village
Cape Town CBD Western Cape SADV
Century City Western Cape Frogfoot
Century City Western Cape Smart Village
Claremont Western Cape Openserve
Clifton Western Cape Smart Village
Clifton Western Cape Openserve
Constantia Western Cape Frogfoot
Constantia Western Cape Openserve
Constantia Heights Western Cape Openserve
Constantia Vale Western Cape Openserve
Croydon Olive Estate Western Cape Vodacom
De Wijnlanden Estate Western Cape Vodacom
De Zalze Estate Western Cape Frogfoot
Dennegeur Estate Western Cape Vodacom
Deo Gracia Western Cape Openserve
Donkervliet Pinehurst Western Cape Openserve
Driebergen Pinehurst Western Cape Openserve
Dunkley House Western Cape Frogfoot
Durbanvale Western Cape Openserve
Earls Court Lifestyle Estate Western Cape Openserve
Earls Court The Gardens Western Cape Openserve
Earls Court The Views Western Cape Openserve
Earls Court The Village Western Cape Openserve
Fancourt Western Cape MTN
Fernwood Estate Western Cape Vodacom
Fir Grove Western Cape Openserve
Forest Hill Western Cape Openserve
Fresnaye Western Cape MTN
Fresnaye Western Cape Openserve
Gardens Western Cape Octotel
Golf Park Western Cape Openserve
Graanendal Estate Western Cape Vodacom
Green Point Western Cape Octotel
Greenpoint Western Cape Cybersmart LightSpeed
Greenpoint Western Cape Smart Village
Haasendal Western Cape Openserve
Helderrand Western Cape Openserve
Heldervue Western Cape Openserve
Hermanus Western Cape Smart Village
Hibernian Towers Western Cape Vodacom
High Cape Western Cape Octotel
High Constantia Western Cape Openserve
High Riding Estate Western Cape Vodacom
Hout Bay Western Cape Smart Village
Hout Bay Western Cape Openserve
Jacarandas Western Cape Openserve
Kenilworth Western Cape Openserve
Kenrock Country Estate Western Cape Openserve
Kingswood Crest Western Cape Openserve
Kingswood Crown Western Cape Openserve
Kingswood Gardens Western Cape Openserve
Klaassenbosch Western Cape Openserve
Klein Bron Western Cape Openserve
Klein Leeukop Private Estate Western Cape Openserve
Klein Zevenwacht Estate Western Cape Openserve
Kleinbosch Western Cape Openserve
Lake Michelle Western Cape Openserve
Leopard Rock Estate Western Cape Openserve
Llandudno Western Cape Smart Village
Loevenstein Western Cape Openserve
Longwood Pinehurst Western Cape Openserve
Mabille Park Western Cape Openserve
Malmesbury Western Cape Smart Village
Mouille Point Western Cape Cybersmart LightSpeed
Mouille Point Western Cape Octotel
Mouille Point Western Cape Openserve
Mount Rhodes Western Cape Openserve
Mykonos Western Cape MTN
Newlands Western Cape Openserve
Nieuwe Steenberg Western Cape Openserve
Nova Constantia Western Cape Openserve
Oakwood Pinehurst Western Cape Openserve
Olive Close Pinehurst Western Cape Openserve
Oranjezicht Western Cape Octotel
Oude Westhof Western Cape Openserve
Parel Valley Western Cape Openserve
Parel Valley Farm Western Cape Openserve
Parklands Western Cape Openserve
Parklands Western Cape Frogfoot
Pinehurst Western Cape Openserve
Plaisance Western Cape MTN
Plattekloof Western Cape Openserve
Protea Heights Western Cape Openserve
Rivergate Western Cape Openserve
Rondebosch Western Cape Smart Village
Rondebosch Western Cape Openserve
Schapenberg Estate Western Cape Vodacom
Sea Point Western Cape Cybersmart LightSpeed
Sea Point Western Cape Octotel
Sea Point Western Cape Openserve
Selborne Western Cape Openserve
Silwerkloof Estate Western Cape Openserve
Somerset West Western Cape Openserve
Somerset West Western Cape SADV
Sonkring Western Cape Openserve
Spanish Farm Western Cape Openserve
Steenberg Golf Estate Western Cape Openserve
Stellenbosch Western Cape Smart Village
Stellenbosch Western Cape SADV
Sunningdale Western Cape Frogfoot
Sweet Valley Western Cape Openserve
Tableview Western Cape Frogfoot
Tamboerskloof Western Cape Vumatel
The Colosseum Estate Western Cape Vodacom
Three Anchor Bay Western Cape Openserve
Three Anchor Bay and Western Cape Octotel
Tokai Western Cape Frogfoot
Tokai Western Cape Openserve
Tre Donne Estate Western Cape Vodacom
V & A Western Cape Smart Village
Tyger Valley Western Cape SADV
Val De Vie Estate Western Cape Openserve
Van Riebeeckshof Western Cape Openserve
Vermont Western Cape Openserve
Victoire Village Western Cape Openserve
Vredehoek Western Cape Octotel
Vredekloof Western Cape Frogfoot
Vredekloof Western Cape Openserve
Vredekloof Heights Western Cape Openserve
Vredenberg Estate Western Cape Openserve
Welgedacht Western Cape Openserve
Welgelegen Western Cape Openserve
Welgemoed Western Cape MTN
Westlake Western Cape Smart Village
Woodstock Western Cape Cybersmart LightSpeed
Woodstock Western Cape Smart Village
Worcester Western Cape Openserve
Wynberg Western Cape Openserve
Zevendal Western Cape Openserve
Zevenwacht Country Estate Western Cape Openserve
Zevenzicht Estate Western Cape Openserve
Zonnebloem Western Cape Cybersmart LightSpeed

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  1. ^ Telkom launches uncapped fibre-to-the-home for R799 (

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