Top speeds, data downloaded, and simultaneous connections on SEACOM at MyBroadband Conference 2016

SEACOM was the official connectivity supplier at this year’s MyBroadband Conference, bringing in 10Gbps of bandwidth for delegates to use for free during the event. The company set up 59 Wi-Fi access points around the conference venue – the large halls of Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand – to ensure that all 4,000 of MyBroadband’s delegates had access to the fibre-based connectivity. SEACOM said its connection was utilised throughout the conference, with 3TB of data consumed during the day.

At their peak, there were 1,400 simultaneous wireless devices connected to the network simultaneously.

Top speeds

Despite the high volume of users taking advantage of the network, SEACOM said peak speeds achieved on a wired connection reached 1Gbps for a single user. “On the wireless network, we peaked at 55Mbps for a single user,” it said. “With 4,000 delegates in attendance, the wireless network performed well throughout the day because of the number of access points we deployed.”

“We had 100 Wi-Fi points available, but did not need to deploy all of them to deliver a robust, carrier-class service on the day.” “The use of public IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6) for every device also ensured the quality of the connectivity.” “With no Network Address Translation or filtering (firewalls), users had direct end-to-end Internet connectivity to/from the Internet with nothing in the middle to slow them down.”

SEACOM said this was also the first time the MyBroadband Conference had IPv6 available to all users.

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