Tech products which are more expensive after Brexit

Although Apple said the new iPhone 7[1] and iPhone 7 Plus[2] are the same price as previous models, that appears to be the case for the US only. In the UK, the phones have has sizable price increases and although it’s not officially due to Brexit, it’s not hard to figure out. Even though they have double the storage, Apple buys those components very cheaply and the US price staying the same is a big hint.

The iPhone 7 is now ?599 for the cheapest model which is an increase of ?60. However, the iPhone 7 Plus is a whopping ?100 more expensive at ?719. It’s not just the iPhone which has got a price rise, either, although the iPad range has been bumped to 32GB storage as standard.

The iPad Pro 9.7 price has been increased by ?50 to ?549 and the 128GB is up ?20. However, the largest model is cheaper by ?10 – go figure. It’s a similar story with the larger iPad Pro which is also ?50 more expensive for the cheapest model.

It’s interesting with the iPads because Apple has made them cheaper in the US even with the storage upgrade.

Not a price increase but the new Apple AirPod earphones are the name figure in dollars and pounds – ?159 and £159.


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