Vodafone fibre broadband now gives you line rental for free

You want broadband, but you don’t want to pay line rental? You’re not alone there, that’s for sure, and Vodafone’s latest move with its fibre packages is bound to please many as it ditches the charge for the phone line. Normally, of course, you must have a phone line, and pay rental on it, to be able to get a fixed broadband connection. But Vodafone has stripped away the line rental charges for both new and upgrading customers with its fibre home broadband offerings. In other words, as well as your broadband line, you’ll still get a full phone service, you just won’t have to pay for the latter.

Vodafone’s basic package, Unlimited Fibre 38, will run you to 25 per month but obviously there’s no line rental on top of that now (and those who already have a mobile contract with the network can get it for 22 per month). If you want to double up your speeds to Unlimited Fibre 76 (which is up to 76Mbps), you won’t pay much more at 28 per month all-in (although there is a 49 one-off fibre connection fee for these FTTC packages for new customers).

Crystal clear

Vodafone also notes that this move helps make its pricing scheme clearer, as per the Advertising Standards Authority’s recently stated intention to clamp down on deceptive broadband advertising that attempts to hide away line rental costs1. Voda also pointed to recent Ofcom research which found that 45% of those surveyed said internet access was the most important reason for having a landline.

Indeed, some folks stick with using mobile broadband at home rather than a fixed connection just to avoid having to pay for a landline.

Note that you’ll still pay line rental on Vodafone’s standard DSL service Unlimited Standard Broadband 17 costs 22 per month, 18 of which is line rental.

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