Sky fibre broadband customers hit by outage

Sky’s fibre-based broadband service was hit by a major outage yesterday morning (August 2nd). Internet users across the UK with Sky Fibre or Sky Fibre Unlimited were unable to get online from the early hours of the morning. Sky confirmed at 07:00 that it was investigating the fault and apologised for the inconvenience it was causing.

The provider confirmed that the issue had been resolved by 10:30am, but said it would keep monitoring the service to ensure a second outage did not occur later in the day.

This comes shortly after BT’s broadband service was hit by two outages in two days.

A “substantial” power failure at Telehouse North, one of BT’s internet connection partners in the Docklands, led to customers struggling to get online on July 21st.1

This came just a day after power issues at one of its internet peering partners’ sites in London affected broadband services.2


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