Comcast Says It Wants to Charge Broadband Users More For Privacy

We’re letting companies ‘get away’ with things we’d never approve of if it weren’t so ‘unobvious’ to the average consumer. I talk to people all the time and they have NO idea their data / activity is being not only harvested but sold (profited upon).

This , if anything, should be the other way around. Customer can allow ISP to use their data (and profit on it) for free broadband connection. AT&T has already done some ‘early’ math to determine it’s worth $30 per customer to ‘not’ do this — ie: They make up the money lost from spying on you (and probably tack on a bit of extra profit) if you pay for them not to spy on you. It’s ridiculous. This is something the government should cut out entirely. It’s wrong on all levels — but at the minimum make it against the law for anyone (including service provider) to “spy” or knowingly monitor down to the specific IP/user/MAC. What goes on post connection no one likes,..and frankly it should be stopped as well (but that’s what essentially built google) — still doesn’t make it right. Our activity is being monitored at 3 critical points now (and profited upon) — ISP, Operating System, and the Web (Google, websites, the web in general).

Since when did it become ‘ok’ to profit off the activity patterns/usage of other people? Because it’s digital/online doesn’t make it any less real. I think these companies are playing a dangerous game — letting greed and ‘me too’ attitude get the best of them. If people actually , en mass, knew how their activity was being collected and profited upon they would be upset,.. and make it quite clear to the government ‘en mass’ that it’s not ok. Government would then make it illegal (or at least make it something for which companies are fined HUGE sums of money if caught doing it.)

But, in the apathy and general ignorance of the average person — there is no ‘squeaky wheel’ so to speak. Thus, the government , in bed with these large companies, goes along with it — and over the years our everyday activity has become a HUGE profitable collection of data . Government is cool with having the private companies handing over information on it’s citizens,.. companies are cool with government not really caring for the best interests of the people and thus making even more money on a 90% percent margin service — meanwhile these services are becoming even more greedy (stepping over the line) to bring this data mining to become an extra ‘fee’ for their customers. It’s like hey I’m going to spy on you,.. sell the information I learn,..

and oh hey — You’re going to pay EXTRA for me to do it. What? — This is the mistake I think they are making here — By bringing the fact they are essentially spying on the customer to the spotlight via finally making it something that makes everyday people aware of it (hitting them in their wallets) — Could easily backfire on them and cause the aforementioned ‘will of the masses’ known — and our government turns a blind eye until 50-100+ Million people unite on something – then they have their hand forced. I have little doubt that even for people who pay extra to ‘opt out’ — that these people are still having their data collected/parsed/allocated for profit. AT&T hasn’t even successfully integrated it’s regular customer database with Direct TV’s database (I’m sure some of you know of ‘linking’ accounts and how well that goes) — Do you honestly think they have this sophisticated , working, system that – user by user – eliminates (turns off) the data mining for them? Meh,.. Why do people think Google got into this business of infrastructure? To build a backbone to get on the other end of people’s data. Google is a massive spying agency (not for malicious purposes) but for insane sums of money,..

what better way to gather data than to BE the pipeline and the content? They built their empire on just one end, the content end — With the pipeline they get every single “bit” of data without the need to have them use their products – Chrome, Chromebooks, Youtube,, massive cookie attachments , and on the list goes (which is still limited compared to being the pipe serving). Anyhow – it’s a massively profitable business — and it’s a 100% SERVICE business. It’s long since been shifting from a ‘luxury/novelty’ into a utility — Of course these ‘service providers’ think we should lick their boots, thank them for their ‘service’ while they are unregulated. By unregulated I mean there is little to no private market regulation due to lack of competition by a huge majority. So we can’t extrapolate ‘true’ price basis for the ‘service’ of broadband. Do I think $120 for 100/5 connection is right? No,.. it seems high to me.

Do I think $60 for the cheapest option is right? No, definitely high. Again, on top of these prices they are bickering about the ‘bonus’ they get from data mining their users (something that didn’t exist X years ago and wasn’t the purpose of building the infrastructure) — it’s quite literally a ‘sketchy’ at best,..

bonus forum of revenue they should, imho, keep under the radar in terms of announcing it to the end user/customer with a big fat fee on a bill.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

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