Shropshire broadband roll-out hits 50000 milestone

More than 50,000 homes and businesses are now connected to fibre broadband in Shropshire, with councillors pledging to keep on working to connect the rest of the county.

Shropshire councillors have praised the Connecting Shropshire programme which has seen thousands of properties around the county signed up for broadband. The programme was designed to bring faster fibre broadband to areas that wouldn t benefit from commercially provided connections. In some areas of the county take-up has reached more than 40 per cent. Take up across Shropshire as a whole is 27 per cent and growing since the first cabinet was installed in December 2013.

Councillor Steve Charmley, deputy leader of Shropshire Council and cabinet member for broadband, said: The increasing up take of fibre broadband across Shropshire is really encouraging. It is really important that take up is good in Shropshire as the extra investment that brings will enable the programme to be rolled out to more homes and businesses.

With the programme currently due to continue until 2018, there are more areas of Shropshire to reach, so the progress made to date is an excellent platform to build on.

Many local businesses tell us that access to faster broadband is one of the most important factors in their growth and we are working with our partners to reach as many properties as we can. It is a priority for our communities and so it is a priority for us. Research nationally shows that for every 1 invested in upgrading the broadband service, it is estimated that the local economy will benefit by up to 20.

Council leader Malcolm Pate said it was important to remind people that in areas where the new cabinets have been installed, residents will still need to upgrade their connections it does not happen automatically.

For Shropshire to continue thriving into the future it is important that as many people as possible have access to faster fibre broadband, he said.

We can be rightly proud of what Connecting Shropshire has achieved so far.

The most important thing for every household in areas where the roll-out has taken place so far is to upgrade your subscriptions to receive the faster connection.

Many people think it happens automatically, but it doesn t, you need to upgrade your own packages once your area goes live, said Councillor Pate.

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