Ofcom “Bottled it” – North West Liberal Democrats

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has responded to Ofcom s report, released this morning, into BT and the digital communications market in the UK.

Tim said: Ofcom had a chance to make a massive change in the sector and have bottled it. I am now calling on the Government to be bold and bring forward plans to break up OpenReach and BT, and inject real competition into internet provision. If they won t, we will, and I will challenge them to back it. Are they on the the side of entrepreneurship or not?

Most of my constituents count themselves lucky if they can get above 2mbps download speed, and if they are in business that means that they have to cope with upload speeds that are a fraction of that. How can they hope to compete internationally when countries like South Korea are already rolling out speeds of over 1Gps.

Fast and reliable broadband is a utility and I believe it must be treated as such.

We also need the Government to finally put its money where its mouth is and look at providing real, direct investment that treats broadband provision as the vital piece of national infrastructure it obviously is.

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