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United Kingdom government’s ‘poverty of ambition’ on broadband blasted

Increasing web speeds would boost the economy, give British companies an advantage over foreign rivals and allow more flexible working, industry chiefs said. Dan Lewis, a senior advisor on infrastructure policy for the IoD, and author of the report, says that the government isn’t doing enough when it comes to United Kingdom broadband. The Iod D notes that whilst the United Kingdom is a world leader in the internet economy it has fallen behind European competitors at installing the necessary fibre optic cables for the fastest speeds.

He added: “Unfortunately, the Government’s current target displays a distinct poverty of ambition”.

“But our network is behind the curve”. The IoD said it was vital that more competition is forced upon the telco, so that the quality of service of the United Kingdom broadband market may catch up to that in many countries in Europe.

“We expect them to meet the Universal Service Obligation of 10 mbps by 2020, but only because they’ve set themselves such a low bar”. According to the government, most homes in the United Kingdom can now get superfast broadband with download speeds of 30Mb or above, and by 2017, 95% of premises in the United Kingdom should have access to fibre.

Among the study’s findings, 78 per cent of directors surveyed said significantly faster broadband speeds would increase their company’s productivity, while 60 per cent thought it would make their business more competitive. Instead, politicians should be aiming to future-proof the UK’s digital infrastructure against the massive data demands of future consumers and business. Citizens of Minneapolis in the U.S. can already access speeds of 10gbps. That’s 10 times faster than the current 10Mb target. Last week the IoD joined those criticising the feeble management of telecoms regulator Ofcom on the issue, calling for the break-up of monopoly broadband infrastructure provider BT Openreach. However, while welcoming the Ofcom review, the IoD raised “real concerns about BT’s influence over Openreach and the effect this has on competition in the broadband market”.

The IoD’s survey revealed that only a third of members who have had interaction with Openreach – such as line installation or repairs – were happy with the service they received.

Directors were also more likely to think BT’s ownership of Openreach has been negative, rather than positive, for the quality of United Kingdom broadband.

3G to Antenna Adapter SMA Socket – Reduced

3G to Antenna Adapter SMA Socket

  • 3G Datacard to Antenna Adapter
  • For Connecting 3G Datacards to a high gain antenna
  • improved range and communication
  • 50 cm cable
  • SMA Socket connector.

Solwise Description – 3G Datacard to Antenna Adapter – NET-3G-ADPT-024. For connecting 3G Datacards to a high gain antenna for improved range and communication. The adapter consists of a flat plastic sleeve with a 50 cm cable that terminates in a SMA Socket connector. The plastic sleeve (that looks similar to a phone battery) encloses a device that is able to couple to the datacard signal and divert it to a booster antenna thereby ensuring better datacard signal reception. The sleeve of the coupler is placed against the top of the datacard (see photos). (The coupler is supplied with a small piece of Velcro that your can use to ensure a more secure connection to your datacard). You then connect the other end of coupler to one of our booster antennas via the SMA connector. The booster antenna can be mounted on the outside of the building and pointed to your closest cellular base station to ensure good reception.

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29-31 July – The Game Fair

This July, the familiar and beautiful surroundings of Ragley Hall will welcome crowds to The Game Fair from 29th 31st July and members of The Countryside Alliance will benefit from the special Association Guest Pass with savings of 25%.

The Show, which has been declared the seventh largest shopping experience in the UK, will provide a fantastic day out and with so many interactive elements, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Be sure not miss the have-a-go stands on The Shooting Line with EJ Churchill or The IM Group 4X4 experience. For those that simply want to relax and enjoy the many displays on offer, there will be a variety of Fishing and Gundog demonstrations as well as cookery workshops and lively debates and discussions in The Game Fair Theatre.

To book passes and camping, simply log on to www.gamefair.org1 and follow instructions or call the membership hotline on 0844 776 7777.

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