Manchester: The Start-Up City

Manchester: The Start-Up City

Originally home to Take Me Out, Jeremy Kyle and Songs Of Praise, Manchester is not only a quick-moving, bustling city, but it is also the third largest in Britain. Predicted to be one of the top 5 destinations in Europe for business start-ups within the next few years, Manchester shows that size, apparently does matter.

With a population of more than 500,000 humans, Manchester has the biggest start-up rate of all the North-Western cities. Why, however, should you start a business in Manny C?

1) It s a packed city and in 2011, BBC Headquarters relocated there, creating a whole bunch of jobs.

It also discovered the revolutionary material Graphene.

Manchester: The Start-Up City

2) Manchester is often considered a Miniature London international, open minded, totally full of opportunities and culture, and all without the sky-high prices.

Manchester: The Start-Up City

3) Starting a private company online in the UK is costs a lot of dosh and always requires 20 questions, however, the UK Government is here to support you and with corporate income tax currently at 20%, it s one of the lowest rates worldwide.

Manchester: The Start-Up City

4) Manchester Airport is super good because it is the third largest in the UK and serves 220 destinations daily while Heathrow serves 180 #InYourFaceLondon

Manchester: The Start-Up City

5) Four Local Universities combined with specialists from around el mundo mean that Manchester is as diverse as the Great Barrier reef. It s entrepreneur-friendly, having various meet-ups and networking events as well as start-up services for said entrepreneurs.

Manchester: The Start-Up City

6) Manc. also offers a large amount of office and retail space for business start-ups. The landing is a workspace within MediaCity and offers a six month rent free package for upcoming game developer freelancers and start-ups in the North West.

It doesn t stop there though as other major city centre developments include Greengate Embankment , Noma , Citylabs and more.

Manchester: The Start-Up City

7) Wi-fi has never been better with it s rapid broadband internet which is available for young firms at affordable prices.

Now you only need to worry about the filter for your Instagram-worthy pics.

For more information on Manchester s start-up community, see inforgraphic below;

Manchester: The Start-Up City

Inforgraphic Image credit to Alexander & Co.1


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