Christmas broadband and Wi-Fi use breaks BT records

Christmas Broadband And Wi-Fi Use Breaks BT Records

Use of BT broadband and BT Wi-Fi hotspots during the five-week festive season saw a dramatic increase from the same time last year, BT s latest stats have revealed. Broadband use during December 2015 almost doubled the levels it saw during the same month in 2014: a 95% increase, and a new festive record for BT. The provider puts it down to people getting new smartphones and tablets as gifts. That claim is strengthened by the fact that it saw a huge surge in broadband use just before Christmas Day lunchtime – probably the time when we were all playing with our new gadgets. The surge was so big, in fact, that it meant a 130% jump in usage compared to the same time last year.

A lot of BT customers’ time using their broadband appeared to be spent watching Netflix, which saw a 43% increase during the period. The streaming service saw its highest traffic from BT on the evening of 3 January – likely due to people relaxing before they return to work the next morning. It wasn’t just home broadband that saw an increase. Use of BT’s Wi-Fi hotspots, of which there are more than 5 million scattered around the country, rose by 35% compared to last year. Over 700 million more megabytes were consumed, and users spent over 725 million minutes more than they did in Christmas 2014.

Pete Oliver, managing director of BT Consumer, said: “The Christmas period was a record-breaking time for BT Broadband and BT Wi-Fi usage, as people connected their new devices to the internet.

Getting online has obviously become an essential part of the celebrations during the festive season, whether it’s shopping online for presents, actually connecting those devices given as presents, or video-calling friends and family to wish them a happy Christmas or New Year.”

Source: BT

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