Year 6 2015 – Writing Homework- What happened to these snowmen?

Okay, it s my turn. I said, with the dice in my hand. My palms were sweating.

Slowly, I shook the dice in my hand, getting ready to roll it, when I hesitated.

I can t do this. I whispered to my friend, Brian.

You need to, we have to finish the game to stop all of these horrifying things happening to us. He was right, I thought to myself, but I didn t say anything to him. Spooked, I once again shook the dice, which was now rattling violently in my hand I was shaking it that much. Off it went, flying through the air. CRACK. It hit the board game, the number was 2.

Slow and silent, the two characters from the game slid across the board game.

Where are we Brian? I asked with a confused look on my face.

I don t know, it seems that it has transported us to the OH NO!
What is it? Tell me.

We re in the DESERT! Brian exclaimed. In front of us, stood two strange looking snow men, which were glaring at us with their coal like eyes. Can they talk? Can they move?

Are they part of the game? What has happened to them? We heard a distinctive gun like banging noise. Looking at the snowmen, the banging sound became more louder, we both turned around

What we thought were guns, was actually a giant squid! How would we destroy it? Violently, a snake came rushing towards us, I let it slither onto the Jumanji box.

What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?

Questioned Brian. Without answering him, I walked over to the squid, which was making the horrible banging noise, at the same time, the snake slithered across the board onto the squid, and started ripping him to pieces! I knew my plan would work! Motionless, the snowmen just stared at us, until

We played this game too! Both snowmen said simultaneously, We have been here since yesterday, we ve been waiting for someone else to come along and help us, as we ve almost melted. Please can you take us home? We live in the same city as you, Manchester, we ve seen you there before!

We thought you were part of the game!

Since you re from the same city as us, of course we ll take you home! Brian replied. As quickly as super fast broadband, the Jumanji box transported us back home! I m just glad that we completed the whole game, I think that the snake saved the day, rather than us! I m also glad that we re friends with the snowmen: we speak all the time, and do everything together.

I hope our friendship with the snowmen is everlasting.


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