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Plusnet broadband outage means it can’t do you proud

PLUSNET HAS CONFIRMED a major service outage. Customers of the independently run BT subsidiary are complaining of lost internet connections and consequent loss of its fledgling YouView TV service which launched recently. A Plusnet spokesperson said: “Since early this morning we ve experienced an outage which affected our phone and broadband service as well as our website.

We ve worked throughout the night to resolve this and have made a lot of progress with most of our customers now up and running.

“However, we still have a few issues which we re working to solve as soon as possible. We would like to sincerely apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused.”

Plusnet call centres were switched over to a recorded message. The reassuring Yorkshire tones of the Plusnet spokesman explained that a “major service incident” had led to the lines being overwhelmed, followed by an engaged tone. There was little solace for anyone who could get online, as the company’s Service Status page was also unable to connect. Plusnet’s Twitter feed revealed:

There has been a service outage.

We are in the process of investigating this now, and we will hopefully have an update for you shortly. ^MC

Plusnet Help (@plusnethelp) September 10, 20151

The company went on to explain that customers were able to get back online by resetting the system (i.e. switching everything off and on again). But we’ve found that there is still significant latency and dropouts even after doing so, especially on encrypted pages, which include Plusnet’s customer service portal. The problem appears to stem from the firm’s DNS servers falling over. Switching to Google or OpenDNS (which Plusnet makes very easy) should fix it.

The Sheffield-based company was founded in 1997 before floating in 2004 and being bought by BT in 2006, where it is still treated as a separate business, playing off its Yorkshire roots as a ‘down to earth’ provider leading to customer service plaudits2. Plusnet offers triple-play consumer services to 750,000 homes and businesses, as well as operating Vodafone home broadband and John Lewis broadband services. This has led to reports of civil unrest among home-working graphic designers in Blackheath, Bristol and Brighton. Probably. A further tweet states that “our engineers are still investigating the issue as a maximum priority.

Thank you for your continued patience.” But as yet there is no timescale on the outage. We have asked the company for comment and will update you when we know more. The last time Plusnet suffered an outage of this size was in 20123.


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