UPDATE: Satellite Solutions tie-up offers hope for rural broadband sufferers


A small AIM company is hoping to bring relief to UK country dwellers struggling to get a broadband connection. Satellite Solutions Worldwide (LON:SAT), a company that already delivers wi-fi by satellite in parts of Europe, has teamed up with fibre optics group Gigaclear to supply properties across the UK that cannot currently access fibre or fast broadband. Gigaclear must have a certain number of people in an area before it is viable to install fibre optic broadband.

Under the agreement, SSW will provide satellite-based super-fast broadband to areas which Gigaclear deems not commercially viable, or while Gigaclear awaits approval from local councils to install the fibre optics. SSW will also offer a guarantee that customers can cancel their satellite contract easily when pure fibre broadband arrives at their premises. Andrew Walwyn, SSW s chief executive, said any project that aids people affected by the ‘digital divide’ has got to be great news for consumers.

Our partnership is all about identifying those who lack a super-fast broadband solution and getting them connected quickly and cost effectively. Recent government figures indicated 245,000 households will end up with 2 Mbps broadband or less once BT completes its nationwide fibre roll-out. SSW is working in Scotland and Northern Ireland on providing a broadband through satellite that can reach speeds of 30Mb download speed, which is classified as super-fast.

For us, it shows that there are alternatives out there other than BT, who continually say they will sort everything out, and in fact leave holes on connectivity across the UK said Walwyn.

Working together with Gigaclear we stand a great chance of providing those affected with a quick and permanent solution to their broadband dilemma.”

Shares were flat at 4.45p today.


UPDATE: Satellite Solutions Tie-up Offers Hope For Rural Broadband Sufferers 8 Philip Whiterow9 13:42 10

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