Getting to know AOL: 307294

307294 – Common Solutions for Windows Messenger Account Logon Problems1 which is the problem of these days

using the Netgear DG834G and AOL Platinum

I can log on with AOL9 but not with MS IE 6 or Outlook Express unless I go through a dialup modem
Signing In Through a LAN
Signing In Through a Firewall or a NAT

Windows Messenger is configured to run whenever you turn on your computer.

When you connect to the Internet, Windows Messenger automatically connects to its server, even from behind a firewall or a network address translation (NAT). Windows Messenger first tries to connect directly so that you can use its full functionality. If Windows Messenger cannot connect directly, it uses the same HTTP connection that your default browser uses to connect to the Internet.

yes so far so good
For more information, visit this Microsoft Web site helphome2:
Started the day with an 810 am telphone conversation with the broadband guys in Waterford and because the function is OK in AOL 9 the belief is that it is a winsock problem

and AOL American OnLine for “legal reasons” does not give advice on regdedit fixes but say look it up yourself in Microsoft Knowledge Base3
Microsoft Help and Support4
better head for the USENET groups next

Google Groups5

OH Google has a groups 2 beta linked to my gmail address6

Google Groups Search 2 beta7

Google Groups 2 Search microsoft.public8


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