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Surrey Broadband Delivery Progress Phase 2

According to Superfast Surrey, Openreach managed to enable over 64 cabinets for fibre broadband during the Christmas period, in spite of the floods, power cuts and extensive storm damage. In Cranleigh, these included cabinet 7 (Horseshoe Lane), and premises in the following postcodes are now able to order FTTC services. GU6 8LB GU6 8JT GU6 8JU GU6 8LL GU6 8NB GU6 8ND GU6 8NE GU6 8NQ GU6 8NR GU6 8NS GU6 8PX GU6 8PZ GU6 8QA GU6 8QB GU6 8QD GU6 8QE GU6 8QF GU6 8QG GU6 8QH GU6 8QJ GU6 8QL GU6 8QQ GU6 8SH GU6 7DH GU6 8QN GU6 8QP GU6 8QR GU6 8QS GU6 8QT GU6 8QW GU6 8QY.

I am not able to update the summary analysis I published for phase 1, because a full list of postcodes now enabled is not currently available.

Instead the SCC team is posting postcode lists for some cabinets on social media, and then referring to the BT Availability Checker1. Some of the more difficult cabinets have been delayed, or deferred to a later phase, as was always expected, but overall progress is very impressive. Updates are being posted on the following web sites.

Twitter Tumblr Google+ Facebook2345

In a bizarre move, the Superfast Surrey team seems to be spamming their own feeds on three of these sites, making it hard work to find the information wanted.

Tumblr is the exception, at present, but another problem is that different updates are posted at each site.

Note that the above Twitter link filters out the worst of the spam .

The postcode checker at www.superfastsurrey.org.uk6 is being updated, but it is impossible to be sure how up to date it is.


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