Wilson welcomes action on Broadband

Sammy Wilson MP for East Antrim has welcomed the latest development by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment to improve broadband services across Northern Ireland.

He said he was pleased that a number of areas in East Antrim were to be targeted to improve broadband services. Many postcodes in the East Antrim area have now been listed for action to provide a superfast broadband service to at least 2 Megabites per second and by 2015 to increase speeds to 24 Megabites.

DETI had identified postcodes that needed to be considered for intervention and after considerable consultation a list has now been published which includes all of the areas in East Antrim that I had identified to the Department as being deficient in broadband coverage.

Across Northern Ireland over 51,000 individual households have been identified as not having adequate broadband coverage and in East Antrim 1,500 postcodes have been identified as requiring a targeted approach to provide superfast broadband service.

Apart from the benefit this will have to individual households, it will also be a great boost to rurally based industry and is long overdue.

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