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Posted by: Ann Treacy | September 4, 2013

I was sorry to miss the Lake Connections1 open house last week. According to the Business North article2 is sounds as if it was quite a hit

The newly remodeled Lake Connections Administration and Service Center building was opened to the public Wednesday. Celebrating its Grand Opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, tours of the facility and lunch, the event drew about 300 people from around the region, along with representatives of Sen.

Al Franken and Rep. Rick Nolan.

As the article points out the road to fiber has not always been smooth for Lake County and there are a few bumps yet to be smoothed

In the long run, this was the right decision for Lake County, especially for rural and underserved areas of our community, Sve said. The $70 million project will provide ultra hi-speed internet service to Lake County and eastern St.

Louis County.

With initial hook-ups still months away, Project Manager Jeff Roiland explains that obstacles still remain, such as utility pole ownership being contested by Frontier Communications for more than 300 utility poles in the city of Two Harbors.

We want to sit down at the table and try to discuss this issue, Roiland said. A conference call between Lake Connections and Frontier Communications held Aug.

14 was intended to move the pole attachment issue into alternative dispute resolutions procedures. For now, discussion remains confidential with the involved parties not at liberty to comment.

The price list was also distributed at the event.

I want to thank Jim Bergstrom for sending us the prices

The pricing structure is as follows per month: 30/10 Residential ($59.99) Business ($79.99) 30/30 Residential ($69.99) Business ($99.99) 50/10 Residential ($99.99) Business ($119.99) 50/50 Residential ($109.99) Business ($139.99) 100/50 Residential (NONE) Business ($199.99) 100/100 Residential (NONE) Business ($249.99).

Phone service: Voice Local and unlimited Long Distance 1 Line Residential ($29.99) Business ($49.99)

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