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BT Hangs Up on Rural Northern Ireland LightStream Community …


It has recently been announced that BT is to cease its dial-up internet service to the whole ofthe UK on 1st September.

Some rural lines still cannot support modern ADSL/VDSL broadband technology & so hitherto,dial-up has been the only way forward, despite the painfully slow speeds, for many rural areas.

The problem is caused by the lengths & qualities of the copper lines between premises. Lightstream has no such limits, as we do not rely on the copper lines of BT or any other provider. Instead we run a Hyperfast, futureproof & resilient optic fibre to your home taking you from having dialup at around 0.05mbps to 1000mbps in the blink of an eye.

Nik Fox, Project Director said We re sad that BT are cutting off the customers who are at the biggest disadvantage, whilst technology must move on, there is no excuse to cut off a basic level of service like this.

In these times, that is like cutting off water, unthinkable.

BT of course is a commercial company & has shareholders to satisfy, so this isn t them doing it out of spite, it is about being cost effective & keeping shareholders happy, that will be their primary driver

Lightstream is a Fibre to the premises internet service provider owned & built by the community which it serves.

The group are inviting registrations of interest in their service & hope to begin the deployment with community help in early 2014.


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