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Xcelerator IP phone system

Xcelerator IP phone system

  • Built in voicemail
  • Simple to install
  • Supports SIP VoIP Trunks
  • WiFi Access Point Built in
  • Web based administration

Xcelerator IP is a new kind of business communications system that is easy to configure and manage, and is easy to use. Developed for leading edge SIP trunk services.

The Xcelerator IP provides business-class telephone features including conferencing, transfer, hold, voicemail, hunt and page groups, park and pickup, music on hold at a price any small business can afford. Integrated Ethernet switching and WLAN support allow flexible deployment of IP2007 IP desk phones over both wired and wireless networks simultaneously so you can easily setup the system for users where they sit, not just where there are Ethernet connections.

The Xcelerator IP is designed with the SOHO business in mind. Roughly the size of a large paperback book, it’s compact and slient, can be mounted on a wall, on a desk or in a closet, and integrates into your existing network seamlessly. Using the customer’s existing cable or DSL modem connection, Xcelerator IP connects to the Service Provider network to deliver professional, high quality voice services to make the small business sound big.

If you use the IP2007 phones they auto-configure themselves to the Xcelerator IP, making the entire system simple to install.

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Xcelerator IP phone system

List Price: £119.99 Now Price: £119.99

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