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By Gillian Ellison

Last updated at 11:39, Thursday, 23 May 2013

COPELAND S MP wants to hold a local NHS summit over concerns regarding health and hospital services.

Jamie Reed plans to invite health bosses from across the board as well as medical professionals and patients to address local issues.

He also plans to spend days shadowing workers in both the West Cumberland Hospital and the Cumberland Infirmary, as well as holding confidential staff drop-in sessions to allow them to speak freely.

The move follows a number of concerns from the MP, including the West Cumberland Hospital being under-funded by the government ; out-of-hours emergency orthopaedic surgery being transferred to Carlisle and both hospitals currently being the subject of the Keogh Review into high death rates.

He said: Right now, we have the North Cumbria Trust about to disappear yet still making major service reconfiguration decisions that it will not be accountable for this destroys public confidence.

Local health services are mired in confusion. Almost every part of the service seems to be in disarray.

Patients and medical professionals deserve and expect clarity yet are forced to endure the exact opposite.

Enough is enough. I will be asking local councils, the Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group, both hospital trusts, patients, medical professionals and others to attend a local NHS summit to address all of these issues.

Without clarity, the community can have no confidence in the way services are being planned and provided.

The MP said the NHS nationally has been ripped apart.

We have A&E services at their tipping point, high levels of bed occupancy and an adult social care crisis following the government s massive cuts to local council budgets, he added.

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