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No Freeview problems in London 800MHz trials

at800 house callat800 has said its trials of 4G services in south east and west London found no problems with DTT services in the 800MHz band.

The telco-funded organisation said the results reflected the fact that DTT provides a strong signal into the capital, transmitted on frequencies clearly separated from frequencies where the 800MHz mobile services will be carried. It added that similar results could be expected in other areas of the UK with the same characteristics.

The highest frequency at which Freeview signals are transmitted from Crystal Palace is 540MHz, while the new 4G at 800 MHz signals begin at 791MHz. In addition, the high signal strength from Crystal Palace makes aerial amplifiers less likely to be needed.

Simon Beresford-Wylie, chief executive of at800, said, London is a big and important market for 4G services and also has millions of Freeview viewers.

Clearly it was essential for the broadcasters and the mobile operators that we run trials in London before a rollout of 4G at 800MHz.

Whilst it seems unlikely that there will be issues for the vast majority of television viewers in the capital, we will remain alert to any possible interference when rollout commences.

A further 800MHz trial is currently underway on Brighton where the topography presents several hills and television services are broadcast on frequencies much closer to 800MHz this will help establish the forecast model.

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