Goodbye O2 Home Broadband and Be Un Limited Surrey …

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 at 02:41 pm

The merger of O2 Home Broadband business that was announced two months ago1 is relocating on, and while any existing
customers substantially still have many months before any changes take place. In the
meantime O2 Home Broadband after a array of increasingly appealing deals for
new and existent business they have now closed a shop
2 and are directing intensity business to Sky

The Be website4 also reveals that Be Un Limited is changing a name to
Sky Home Communications Limited as a outcome of a acquisition. BE Value, BE
Unlimited and Be Pro are still listed on a BE website, finish with a
12 month
half cost offer on broadband that runs until May 31st

On a endless broadband provider listings, we have reduced a O2 listing
to 3 simple packages and highlighted that they are not accessible any more.
Also so prolonged as O2/Be business are also on a strange O2/Be IP blocks our
speed tester will brand we as an O2/Be patron and allot things like ISP
ratings accordingly.

For those with some-more questions, we would suggest posting
on a Be Un Limited6 or O2 Home
7 user forum.


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