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Basingstoke is one of the few areas in the UK to trial ultra fast …

Basingstoke is one of the few areas in the UK to trial ultra fast broadband

3:00pm Tuesday 21st May 2013 in News1 By Adam Richards2

BASINGSTOKE is one of eight places in the country to trial ultra-fast broadband connections directly to homes and businesses.

BT Openreach has teamed up with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council3 to roll out its high-speed fibre optic internet connection.

The service is targeted at business and provides internet speeds of up to 330Mb. According to Government watchdog Ofcom, the average broadband speed across the UK is 12Mb.

Deputy borough council leader Councillor Ranil Jayawardena4 welcomed the announcement.

He said: So many people rely on the internet, be it for business, education or leisure. We are dedicated to ensuring that our local economy and residents reap the benefits of faster internet speeds so it is great news that our borough s partnership with BT Openreach is putting us at the cutting edge of the new ultra-fast broadband.

The latest scheme is part of a number of projects in the borough currently underway to upgrade internet access.

In Tadley, Bramley, and Sherfield on Loddon, BT Openreach is upgrading internet exchange points to superfast broadband which give a minimum speed of 24Mb.

The programme is expected to finish by the end of the year.

The council also added 225,000 to the Hampshire Broadband Programme which aims to tackle county not spots areas with low download speeds or no broadband access.

To date, Hampshire County Council5 has committed 5million to the project, in addition to 5m from Government.

Currently, engineers are conducting borough-wide surveys to identify the worst affected regions, and the programme is expected to finish by 2015.


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