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Worcestershire Broadband Plan Newsletter (Feb 2013 …

By Michael, on February 27th, 2013

The County s broadband team have published their fourth newsletter outlining progress made with their plans to get broadband services upgraded county wide in line with government targets.

Honeybourne get a mention on page 3 as we re working with the council to try and get the village to the top of the list to get SuperFast broadband:

Rural Broadband Fund Community Projects
The County Council and partners continue to work alongside the five communities who had their
applications endorsed by DEFRA with a few conditions for the Rural Community Broadband Fund. This
includes the communities of Welland, Ombersley and Doverdale, Honeybourne and Pebworth, Abberley,
Defford and Besford.

Residents and business owners in these areas are currently working with the County, District and Parish
Councils to develop and submit their final grant applications and continuing their drive for demand
registrations from local businesses and residents. Further updates will be made available in newsletters.

If you haven t already, please register your interest with the council1.

We need to show that people in Honeybourne want our broadband services upgraded.

The full newsletter can be viewed online here2.


  1. ^ please register your interest with the council (www.worcestershire.gov.uk)
  2. ^ here (www.worcestershire.gov.uk)

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