EDITOR'S COMMENT: Sort out broadband and give a full refund …

FRUSTRATED customers of an internet provider say their broadband service is unusable at evenings and weekends – because too many people have been signed up to it.

They say the Virgin Media internet service is particularly slow at these times and claim that when they complained, staff told them it was “oversubscribed”.Read the full story here.1

Editor’s Comment

THE problems being faced by Virgin broadband customers in Bristol are not unique. Ask any broadband customer of virtually any company and they will have experiences of slow speeds and erratic connections.

They will also probably have tales of dealing with far distant call centres and a struggle to get issues resolved.

In this case Virgin’s own engineer has told a customer there is a problem with some of the so-called nodes that handle broadband signals.

In simple terms, despite Virgin’s denials, they seem to be overloaded.

That means people are simply not getting the level of service for which they are paying.

Surely what Virgin need to do here is to identify the problem, sort it out and then refund in full customers who have been affected.

For if you pay for a certain broadband speed, anything less in unacceptable.

It is like buying a coat and then being handed one with both sleeves and part of the back missing.

And if at the end of their investigation Virgin find they cannot for the time being at least deliver the broadband speeds they are advertising, then they need to stop saying they can.

And in the meantime stop signing up any more customers and leaving them feeling short-changed.


  1. ^ Read the full story here. (www.thisisbristol.co.uk)

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