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T-Mobile Mobile Broadband USB Dongle + Sim Card

T-Mobile Mobile Broadband USB Dongle + Sim Card

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  • Buy a PAYG USB stick and only pay for the days you need! Three easy pay options to choose from:
  • Three pay options – 2 a day, 7 a week or 15 a month
  • Surf websites at fast speeds of up to 3.6Mbps
  • Simple plug and play technology – no need to install software
  • Use as a memory stick by adding your own Micro SD card up to 4GB and keep all your files and photos with you

The T-Mobile 120 Mobile Broadband USB stick is so easy to use – just plug it in, it self installs the connection manager and all you need to do is hit connect in the utilty & off you go. The USB Stick 120 will even detect software updates to keep your laptop running smoothly.

Another bonus is that it doubles up as a memory stick, so you don’t need to carry a separate one around. All you need is a microSD card to put in the memory card slot on the side (the 110 supports up to 8GB memory cards) and you can store all the files you need on your stick as well as being able to connect to the internet – how convenient is that?

The USB Stick 110 has been specially built to give you a stronger signal in those hard to reach places if you’re on the move, and it has a slot for an external antenna boost as well. If you’re travelling to the USA or Australia, this stick can give you mobile broadband coverage there too, just make sure you know how much it will cost you if you do use it abroad as usage outside the UK isn’t normally included in tariffs.

This T-Mobile pay as you go USB modem gives you truly mobile broadband that’s easy to use and doesn’t commit you to a long term contract. It means freedom from wires and hotspots, and access to the Internet at breakneck speeds.

Start surfing the web whenever you want. And because this is pay as you go internet surfing, you’ll only pay for the days you choose to. It’s that easy to get Truly mobile broadband.

The UK’s first pay-per-day mobile broadband service
Choice of 3 convenient options with single day, week or 30 day.
Unlimited* web access on the move (*subject to 3Gb fair usage policy)
‘Plug and Play’ USB connectivity to start surfing – it’s so simple
Broadband speeds up to 1.8 Mbps
No need for a landline
PC and Mac compatible

£2 gets you connected for a day
£10 gets you connected for 7 days
£20 gets you connected for 30 days
3GB Fair Usage Allowance Applies.

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3 Responses to T-Mobile Mobile Broadband USB Dongle + Sim Card

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    Stu says:
    10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    pitiful, 15 Feb 2011
    Stu (London) –

    This review is from: T-Mobile Mobile Broadband USB Dongle + Sim Card (Electronics)

    The speed of this dongle is shockingly bad, dial-up bad, so bad you’ll want to throw your laptop across the room bad. You try to go to, let’s say, Facebook. And the browser times out. There must have been, ummm, too much blue on the page? It’s infuriating.

    And then there’s the content lock. T-Mobile have decided to prevent us corrupting our sweet and innocent minds by blocking any Bad Internet. But they’ve gone far beyond banning adult content, which would have just about been understandable: things like Yahoo answers and countless blogs are banned because maybe someone once wrote a naughty bad nasty wordy-wordy in them. Mummy, make the bad word go away! It claims that you can unlock content block by entering a valid credit card number. But then it doesn’t work. Yawn.

    Oh, but it gets better: the fair usage policy. You bad bad boy. You’ve spent too much time looking at your browser trying to load pages. What were you thinking? Now no one else can spend all day waiting for Facebook to load. Selfish. Bad. Mummy’s going to take all your internet away.

    Unless you really enjoy being annoyed, I wouldn’t buy this.

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    Random "Random" says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Do not let this software anywhere near your computer, 8 April 2010
    Random “Random” (Bristol, UK) –

    This review is from: T-Mobile Mobile Broadband USB Dongle + Sim Card (Electronics)

    It’s almost impossible to get a signal on this thing on any train journey, whereas my O2 mobile works 80-90% of the time.
    But the real disaster is the software. After about 2 days it started disappearing a couple of seconds after starting it so I couldn’t use the dongle. Unfortunately the Uninstall option doesn’t work which means it refuses to reinstall and the Repair option doesn’t seem to do anything. The whole thing now just complains that files are missing, while leaving lots of crap lying around. No number of reboots makes any difference.

    I have checked the ZTE website (the equally unpromising site you get diverted to) and as far as I can see I have the latest version.

    I now have a load of crap on my laptop and in my registry which doesn’t work and which I’m going to have to try to get rid of manually. I haven’t seen software this bad for some years now. It shouldn’t be let anywhere near a computer.

    I simply don’t have any more time on to waste on this at the moment and am going to have to throw the whole lot in the bin.

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    Hen H says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Poor reception, Slow speeds, 8 Jun 2011
    Hen H (Australia) –

    This review is from: T-Mobile Mobile Broadband USB Dongle + Sim Card (Electronics)

    I have purchased a 3 month unlimited usage starter pack from ‘a highstreet catalogue’ shop at 40 quid, with the intention of using it while on holiday in London.

    Once the dongle is plugged in for the first time, it automatically installs the incorporated ‘T mobile Internet manager’ software with a couple of on screen prompts.

    Service wise, reception is poor and speeds are slow where I am in North London. A reception indicator states which network is connected (it can roam onto Orange) and shows signal strength. The dongle also has a signal strength indicator light. I usually get zero to one bar on the T-mobile network but am still able to check emails, slowly. This is improved by going to the highest room of the house, or going outdoors. When it occasionally roams onto the Orange network, reception and speeds improve slightly, although I am not in control of network selection. Trying to do internet banking today, I have had to log on and off three times due to connection timeouts during the very slow data transfer speeds. Loading an email typically takes a minimum of 2-3 minutes.

    Other things you need to know:

    Internet phone calls are not allowed according to the small print. I do not know what happens if they are attempted.

    Booting up the computer is problematic if this device is left plugged in. It should be plugged in after the computer has booted.

    The dongle device is fairly wide, preventing access to the adjacent USB slot on my Macbook Pro. This problem may be overcome with plugging it into a USB extender/ card reader.

    Included credit is activated using the installed software by clicking an ‘activate’ icon. I initially had problems so called T mobile for advice. They wrongly insisted I purchase additional credit for the 3 months starter pack to be activated. This was the wrong advice.

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