EE Pay As You Go Combi SIM Card Preloaded with 24GB 4GEE Data

EE Pay As You Go Combi SIM Card Preloaded with 24GB 4GEE Data

  • Grab a 4GEE Pay As You Go SIM from EE. Switch your phone onto the nation€’s biggest, fastest and most reliable overall network with a 4GEE pay as you go SIM from EE.
  • Pre-loaded SIM card with 24GB 4GEE data, which lasts for 365 days from activation. No contract, no commitment.
  • We’re proud to announce that RootMetrics have now measured the reliability of the four major UK networks on calls, texts and mobile Internet, and awarded us the most reliable network in the country.
  • We have more masts than any other network, which means great coverage across the UK. Ours already covers over 70% of the UK population across 200 towns and cities. Our engineers are working flat out to make sure we roll out 4GEE to the rest of the UK too.
  • We were the first to introduce 4G to the UK, and we’re the first to double 4GEE speeds. And we’re constantly improving our network’s speed and capacity. The UK’s going to use more and more data in the future. Our network’s ready for it.

Pre-loaded with 24GB of superfast data valid for up to a year

24Gb “3” Mobile Broadband Data Sim Card (for dongle modems)

24Gb “3” Mobile Broadband Data Sim Card (for dongle modems)

List Price

Only Price

  • 24 GB Data preloaded
  • Lasts up to 24 Months
  • To use with “3” Broadband Dongle (or any unlocked Modem)
  • Top up after credit runs out

This SIM is brand new and unused. 24 GB for up to 24 months.

Data sim only with full data allowance left to use for up to 24 months. Brand new in original packaging.

If you require a locked dongle or unlocked dongle to go with it, please email us. An unlocked dongle for the benefit of those who don’t know is one which will allow any SIM card to be inserted. Obviously, you would need a PAYG sim card for mobile broadband if you chose not to use the sim card for sale in this listing.

24 GB Three Mobile Broadband Starter Sim Card.

This 24GB Three Mobile Broadband Starter Sim comes pre-loaded with 24Gb of data allowance on your account on registration. Once you have used the included data, or 24 months, whichever comes first, you can top like normal pay as you go with as little or as much credit as you require at your own discretion.

Mobile Broadband allows you to access the Internet via your laptop or Windows powered Netbook whenever and wherever you want.

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