One in 10 households in Winchester do not have broadband

More than one in 10 adults in Winchester have never been online, according to new research. The survey of some 4,000 people nationwide revealed that almost one in ten (8.9%) households in Winchester did not have basic broadband. Almost a quarter (23%) of people in the city did not possess the five basic digital skills including the ability to communicate online, make payments and create digital content. According to the digital skills charity, Go On UK, responsible for the research, a lack of digital skills could mean that local businesses could miss out on the UK s annual website sales of 193 million.

In a separate initiative to help bridge the digital divide, a bus will be touring the country offering advice and support to small businesses in Winchester. The SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) tour bus will be coming to the high street on November 24.

Go On UK reckon some 1.2 million businesses do not have basic digital skills.

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