15dBi 3G yagi with 10m HDF200

15dBi 3G yagi with 10m HDF200

  • 3G Yagi Directional Antenna
  • 824~960 MHz / 1710-2170 MHz
  • 10 metre cable with SMA connector
  • Antenna Mounting bracket for pole mount included
  • 15dBi

Solwise Description: The REN_15YSX is a powerful, 15dBi multi-band directional antenna covering the GSM 900 MHz, GSM 1800 MHz, UMTS-3G cellular bands. Its high gain performance affords exceptional cellular signal coverage. The antenna comes with a 10 metre LMR200 cable and SMA plug connector along with the antenna mounting bracket for pole mount.

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15dBi 3G yagi with 10m HDF200

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