Virgin Media Now Offers 152 Mbps Broadband

UK Broadband

The well known firm, Virgin Media has just launched the fastest broadband deal in the UK. The new package offers a 152Mb connection. In comparison, the previous fastest speed that they offered was 120Mb.

Furthermore, the entry-level package leaps from a 30Mb connection to a 50Mb one.

Moving up the scale, 60Mb connections will now run at 100Mb and finally 120Mb move up to 152Mb. Of course these numbers have been put out by the ISP, and you probably won t ever get it. But you should see an increase by any means.

Now, one fantastic thing about this news is that you don t have to pay anything more than you currently are.

If you re an existing customer, then you will be notified when the new speeds are available for you. Virgin Media say that the new speeds are available through Virgin Media s fibre-optic cables.

Here s what Virgin Media have to say about it:

Virgin Media today unleashed broadband speeds 19 times faster than regular broadband. The new 152Mb top speed instantly becomes the fastest widely available connection in the UK and is launched alongside new parental controls technology and advice, designed to support families in getting the most from the online world.

As the UK s leading broadband company, Virgin Media has introduced an ultrafast speed which is far ahead of BT or any other major provider.

In addition, Virgin Media s entry-level service is now increased to 50Mb, setting a new standard for internet connectivity that is five times faster than regular broadband from Sky or BT.

Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media s chief executive officer, said: Overwhelmingly people tell us the internet is a force for good. From daily life to the bigger aspects of society, culture and economic growth, digital is making a significant, positive difference to people s lives. We re supercharging our incredible network to ensure that Virgin Media customers can make the most of the online world.

Boosting Britain s broadband

Virgin Media s award-winning broadband is delivered by its superior fibre optic network, available to 12.5 million UK homes.

The new 152Mb top speed means you can download an entire TV show in one minute but the ultrafast service really comes into its own in satisfying the burgeoning demand for bandwidth in Britain s households as people use multiple connected devices online at the same time.

Peak internet use by Virgin Media customers has grown 55% in the past year and has increased by almost 1000% since the company s launch in 2007. It is for this reason that Virgin Media will boost broadband speeds for existing customers over the next twelve months: 30Mb customers can boost to 50Mb, 60Mb to 100Mb and 120Mb can get 152Mb.

Virgin Media s broadband boosts have been recognised by Ofcom as helping to double the number of UK households benefiting from superfast broadband since 2011. A further one million customers signed up to get 30Mb or faster with Virgin Media in 2013.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller MP said: Faster, safer home internet from Virgin Media is great news for families across the UK.

Families are now downloading films, streaming music and playing games through phones, laptops, tablets and consoles. Higher speeds will enable the whole family to use the internet at the same time.

Web Safe and Switched on Families

Virgin Media s new whole-home parental controls technology, Web Safe, allows the account holder to restrict access to types of potentially age-inappropriate websites. Free for every Virgin Media broadband household, Web Safe works across all devices connected to the family s home internet service.

From today, new Virgin Media customers will be offered Web Safe when they install their broadband connection. The technology is available to existing customers and Virgin Media will proactively offer the technology to all its customers by the end of 2014.

Web Safe works in conjunction with F-Secure SAFE, software available from Virgin Media which can help protect consumer devices out of the home too.

To support this, Virgin Media is launching Switched on Families. This new interactive guide is designed to support parents, grandparents and guardians in making informed choices about the online world.

The guide has clear, honest and useful advice on a range of issues such as who to trust, inappropriate content, cyber bullying and digital addiction. Developed with expert support from The Parent Zone and F-Secure, the guide is available to anyone online at virginmedia.com/switchedonfamilies2.

Vicki Shotbolt, CEO and Founder of The Parent Zone, said: Switched on Families puts Virgin Media ahead of the game it s the best content I ve seen in this space for a long time. Parenting in a digital age is a constantly evolving challenge.

The invaluable advice on this site will help empower parents to figure out what works for their family and how to best support their kids as they grow up.

Maria Miller added: Parents will now be able to make a simple choice to activate family friendly filters that will cover all devices connected to the family s home internet.

Tom Mockridge added: With the power of Virgin Media s network, we can ensure digital really does makes good things happen for our customers, the communities around us and the country.

Technology can help but we want every family to feel confident, informed and able to choose what online experience is right for them.


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