Superfast Broadband and Street Lights

Superfast Broadband

After a somewhat hesitant start, the Cumbria-wide project, Connecting Cumbria, to provide superfast broadband across the county seems to be gathering pace. While there are many areas to be connected before it is our turn, when the time comes 90% of properties in Staveley with Ings should have access to the superfast service. This will enable faster and more reliable screening of videos and film, a greatly enhanced service for business use and much faster access to educational resources, whether for schools or college students. What happens to the remaining 10% (the more outlying parts of the parish) remains a challenge but we will only know how best to tackle this as and when we have further details of the coverage.

Street Lights

We know that there are a few street lights which are currently not working and that this is a concern. In some cases this is caused by old fittings that are now unreliable and not cost effective. To remedy this we are actively trying to arrange new lighting contracts but this has taken longer than expected. Please be assured that there is no intention of removing lights and we hope to see all of them working again as soon as we can finalise the arrangements.

Arthur Capstick, Chair, Staveley with Ings Parish Council