Free Sky broadband for a year bundled with Sky Movies

Sky has launched a bundle deal that sees you getting 12 months of Sky Broadband Unlimited for free when they take Sky Movies. This offer is open to existing Sky TV customer who already have or are upgrading to Sky Movies. Equally, customers who already take Sky Broadband Unlimited will be able to recontract and get the broadband service for free if they sign up for Sky Movies.

Related: Sky line rental, voicemail and Sky Talk prices increasing in December1Sky Broadband Unlimited is an ADSL-based service that gives you download speeds of up to 17Mbps and unlimited download with no traffic shaping as standard. The entry-level Sky TV service – the Sky TV Original Bundle – costs 20/month on its own and Sky Movies, which gives you access to 11 Sky Movies channels, costs 17/month. Channels included in the Original Bundle include Sky 1, Sky Living and Sky Atlantic.

Line rental for new Sky broadband customers is charged at 17.40/month, while existing customers will be paying this new rate from December onwards. Althogether, this works out at 54.40/month. If you want to watch Sky Movies in HD, you ll need to take the 36/month Family Bundle, which also gives you over 50 more entertainment channels in HD to boot, including Sky 1 HD, Sky Atlantic HD, Sky Living HD, Sky Arts HD and many more.

There s an additional 5.25/month premium for the HD Pack, which is required to unlock the Sky Movies channels in HD. The Sky Family Bundle also gives you access to a huge library of on-demand Box Sets, where you can download entire seasons of shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Blacklist, Mad Men, True Blood, The Leftovers to watch at home or on your phone or tablet through the Sky Go apps. To get Sky Movies in HD with Sky TV and a year’s free unlimited broadband, you’ll pay 70.40/month in total.

With Sky Broadband Unlimited normally costing 5/month, these deals will see you saving 60 over a year.

Free Sky Broadband For A Year Bundled With Sky Movies

By Thomas Newton

Friday, 30th October 2015


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