O2 UK Claim Remote Working Services to Drive Business Broadband Uptake

Communications provider O2 Wholesale UK (formerly BE Wholesale) has surveyed 100 companies in the UK IT industry and revealed that 70% expect uptake of fixed broadband ISP services to increase over the next 6 months, with demand for remote working being the dominant factor.

Some 73% of businesses expected to see broadband uptake increasing as a result of remote working, while 58% anticipated more demand for services in the Cloud (online storage and applications) and 32% highlighted adoption of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy (i.e.

allowing employees to bring their own mobile devices to their place of work) as influencing uptake.

Interestingly only 46% of those surveyed, some of which were ISPs, felt their end-user customers were aware that the growing use of remote working, cloud and BYOD solutions could add extra strain to the existing broadband network.

Dan Cunliffe , Head of Strategy and Partners at O2 Wholesale, said, The results clearly show that quality fixed broadband is a major potential growth opportunity . When asked to list the most important qualities for a wholesale broadband supplier, reliability was deemed most important , followed by service / IT support, then download speeds and lastly unlimited usage.

Unfortunately O2 didn t clarify what proportion of the vote each option had won.

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