Broadband brightens another village in Powys

With minimum speeds, no hidden costs and speeds up to 100Mbps the residents now have next generation broadband, years before Government targets.

The community took advantage of the Welsh Government Broadband Support Scheme which is a great initiative enabling users in poorly served areas to gain access to broadband, usually free (via Government grant).

Our engineers have been working hard despite the snow and ice, parking at the bottom of lanes and carrying equipment on foot to our customers to make sure they are installed.

It is definitely easier to not trek out when the weather is this bad, but when subscribers have already been waiting for years to be able to access similar speeds to those experienced by users in towns and cities, our engineers like to make that extra effort.

eXwavia braving the broadband conditions

eXwavia Broadband Engineers definitely made of the Right Stuff


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Great news for the New Year comes early for Powys – eXwavia

Communities and businesses in Powys are being switched on to Next Generation Broadband thanks to a Welsh wireless specialist broadband provider, eXwavia.

Broadband provider eXwavia, based in Welshpool, have confirmed that the 4Mbps 100Mbps service will go live by the end of January 2013 and will reach over 27,000 households and over 3000 businesses in Powys, delivering high-speed sustainable broadband two years ahead of government targets.

So what does this mean for Powys? Often forgotten about, rural areas have had to manage with no broadband or painfully slow speeds and inconsistent services, iPlayer and films unwatchable and online shopping transactions timing out. Ultimately, businesses have been unable to compete on a global platform.

Broadband is at the heart of our daily lives both at home and in our businesses, says Annette Burgess, Managing Director of Welshpool based eXwavia. Great broadband is a utility that we should all have access to. The Welsh Government backed Broadband Support Scheme is still available, for those suffering with speeds of less than 2Mbps. Annette continues, The Broadband Support Scheme from the Welsh Government is a great initiative.

The grant is there to help communities, individuals, businesses and third sector groups enable great broadband delivery .

Dai Davies-FSB comments on broadbandDai Davies, Development Manager for the FSB in Wales is confident that access to fast broadband will provide a boost to the local economy. He said: Innovative businesses like eXwavia are key to driving forward the Welsh economy. It s crucial that homes and businesses within Powys have fast broadband speeds in order to communicate and conduct business effectively.

Russell GeorgeRussell George, AM, Montgomeryshire said: I am thrilled for the residents and businesses in the local communities.

They have waited a long time for fast broadband and I know they are extremely grateful to eXwavia for delivering so efficiently.

You can contact the eXwavia team on 0844 884 8588, www.eXwavia.co.uk1 or pop in for a chat!


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  1. ^ eXwavia Broadband (www.eXwavia.co.uk)

Montgomeryshire deserves better broadband AM demands …

The people of Montgomeryshire are fed up of being second best and need fast and reliable broadband to improve the area s social and economic future, claims Russell George AM, who has launched a campaign to lobby for better internet connectivity.

A campaign to get better broadband in Montgomeryshire, Mid Wales has been launched by Assembly Member, Russell George, who believes the area deserves better internet connectivity to ensure improved social and economic prosperity.

The Speed Up Our Broadband in Montgomeryshire campaign www.montybroadband.com will see the AM urging residents and businesses to help him identify broadband not spots (areas of slow or no broadband connections) by undertaking an area-wide speed test over 18-19 August. He will use the results to lobby for improvements in infrastructure and better internet connectivity throughout Wales. Local resident and businesswoman, Annette Burgess from Montgomery, is backing the campaign.

She is Managing Director of Internet Service Provider (ISP) eXwavia, which is based near Welshpool and provides wireless broadband services throughout Wales.

eXwavia has already brought wireless broadband to Anglesey in North Wales and the communities in and around Adfa and Cefn Coch in Montgomeryshire where speeds were below 2Mbps and where residents and businesses can now choose anything between 4Mbps and 60Mbps.

Broadband is vital for rural communities such as Montgomeryshire. It s a utility just like electricity or the telephone a service that we all need, said Mr George. Socially it s more and more important to have broadband in order to undertake some basic tasks for many in rural areas, such as banking, e-mailing friends and family, doing shopping or being able to access online services that many people in urban areas take for granted.

For businesses broadband has become a vital tool and unless we have fast and reliable internet connections, many businesses will struggle to do its business online and will simply become uncompetitive.

He added that as Montgomeryshire s economy is heavily reliant on the agricultural industry, farmers are having to increasingly record livestock data and access government databases solely online.

Farmers could face financial penalties in the future if they cannot access online services to record data. It s that simple, he said. The campaign will build-up to a local broadband speed test weekend on 18-19 August when residents and businesses will be able to test and record their speed before sending the results to the campaign through www.montyspeedtest.com, allowing Mr George to consider areas where help is needed and to lobby for better broadband provision.

Annette Burgess added: As a local broadband provider we re conscious of how communities are struggling to even connect to broadband in some instances, let alone get a reasonable speed.

We re working with several communities to bring fast and reliable broadband and we ve delivered to places such as Adfa and Cefn Coch where businesses and residents can now connect with a speed of 4Mbps or even 60Mbps.

But we re supporting the Speed Up Our Broadband in Montgomeryshire campaign because nobody really knows how bad it is in some communities. By undertaking the speed test weekend in August we ll have a much clearer picture allowing our AM to identify where pressure needs to be placed to improve broadband provision.

Posters are being distributed to residents and businesses throughout the area to place in windows and on noticeboards to demonstrate support and to promote the campaign. More information can be found at www.montybroadband.com.


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