InfiNet Wireless to launch new solutions at PT Expo China 2017

Attendance at the exhibition comes after a string of successful projects in the country and Asia-Pacific region Beijing, China.

19 September 2017: InfiNet Wireless1, the global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, will launch a number of its solutions, including its flagship new product the InfiMAN 2×2 R5000 – Qmxb2, to the Chinese and Asian markets at the annual PT Expo China in Beijing next week. Launched in the rest of the world in July 2017, the InfiMAN Qmxb3 features the latest developments in interference mitigation technology, a net throughput of up to 240 Mbps per sector and coverage across distances of up to 20 km.

This family of products also has fully automated transmit power control, distance learning as well as dynamic radio frequency selection. Showcased along with many of InfiNet’s well-proven solutions, visitors to InfiNet’s booth in Beijing will also be able to learn more about the company’s enhanced InfiLINK XG, Lite and PRO solutions, a range of cost-effective and high performance wireless Point-to-Point units, capable of delivering capacities of up to 500 Mbps over challenging terrains and harsh climates. “The telecoms industry is growing at a rapid pace in most parts of Asia, a region which is fast becoming one of our strongest,” said Kamal Mokrani, Global Vice President at InfiNet Wireless. “Attending PT Expo China is a great opportunity for us to meet with a range of key industry players, and this year’s event is particularly exciting since we are showcasing our brand new Qmxb for the first time in the region.”

The largest and most influential trade fair in Asian telecommunications, PT Expo China offers delegates and visitors a chance to see the latest technology from many of the leading companies in the industry across a wide array of topics, from Smart City innovations to Emergency Communications. InfiNet Wireless has a prominent role in the Asian market, with many different projects secured in various countries in the region. Alongside Easy Networks of Thailand, for example, InfiNet recently deployed new wireless infrastructures in Thailand’s four major airports, replacing fibre-based legacy networks badly damaged over time by heavy rainfall and rodents. With InfiNet Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint technology, the airports can now monitor and manage in real-time all aspects of passenger movement with greater confidence, while at the same time enhancing security and safety in all its airports. Another example of InfiNet’s success in the region is the selection by China Mobile of the company’s InfiLINK PRO range of products for backhauling its 4G/LTE base stations in various provinces within China. InfiNet also secured many other projects in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, some of which will be showcased during PT Expo.

“As we look to close the digital divide, exhibitions like PT Expo in Beijing are incredibly important for us to share our practices and experiences on a global basis. Wireless technology is transforming the way we look after our businesses, countries and streets, and this exhibition is a great way for us to demonstrate to potential customers how InfiNet solutions can help them overcome any connectivity issues,” added Mr Mokrani. Visit InfiNet Wireless at Booth 1027, Hall E1 at PT Expo China 2017 at the China National Convention Center, September 27-30, Beijing, China. For more information please see http://infinetwireless.com4. – Ends – About InfiNet Wireless:
InfiNet Wireless is in a unique position, being one of the largest privately owned Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) development and manufacturing companies in the world.

Since its foundation in 1993, InfiNet has maintained organic growth through innovation and its ability to deliver complete customer satisfaction throughout its product life cycle. Listening to its customers for more than 24 years, coupled with its innovative approach in R&D, have resulted in the development of a range of advanced wireless solutions that are a perfect fit for many requirements, making InfiNet Wireless the natural choice for end users, all of whom require uncompromised connectivity. With over 500,000 deployments from the plains of Siberia to the deserts of the Sahara, InfiNet Wireless is active in market segments that deliver Broadband Wireless Access to service providers of all types, law enforcement entities, transportation sector (including mobile and nomadic operators) and Oil & Gas.

For more information, please visit our website at www.infinetwireless.com or connect with InfiNet Wireless on social media: @InfinetW56

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The best and worst countries for broadband speeds

Broadband speeds in the UK lag behind many of its European neighbours, according to new analysis. With a mean download speed of 16.51 Mbps, Britain comes 31st in the global rankings for broadband speed – nearly three times slower than table topper Singapore at 55.13 Mbps. Countries including Romania, Slovenia and Bulgaria are ahead of the UK in the analysis, while people in France, Italy and Australia typically get slower speeds.

Bringing up the pack is Yemen with an average download speed of 0.34 Mbps, where it would take two days to download a film in high definition. Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms analyst at Cable.co.uk, said the results showed the UK has lessons to learn from Europe.

The Best And Worst Countries For Broadband Speeds

He said: “These results offer us a fresh perspective on where we sit in the broadband world.

“Relatively speaking, we are near the top of the table.

“However, many of those ahead of us – some a long way ahead – are our neighbours both in the EU and wider Europe.”

The findings are based on more than 63 million broadband speed tests which were taken over a year and the results collected by M-Lab. These were later ranked by cable.co.uk.

Top 10 countries for fastest broadband speeds:

Rank Country Mean download speed (Mbps) Time taken to download 7.5GB movie (DD:HH:MM:SS)

1 Singapore 55.13 00:00:18:34

2 Sweden 40.16 00:00:25:30

3 Taiwan 34.4 00:00:29:46

4 Denmark 33.54 00:00:30:32

5 Netherlands 33.52 00:00:30:33

6 Latvia 30.36 00:00:33:43

7 Norway 29.13 00:00:35:09

8 Belgium 27.37 00:00:37:25

9 Hong Kong 27.16 00:00:37:42

10 Switzerland 26.93 00:00:38:01

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Top 10 countries for slowest broadband speeds:

Rank Country Mean Broadband Speed (Mbps) Time taken to download 7.5GB movie (DD:HH:MM:SS)

1 Yemen 0.34 02:02:02:28

2 Gabon 0.41 01:17:54:39

3 Burkina Faso 0.49 01:10:51:46

4 Congo, The Democratic Republic of the 0.55 01:07:17:51

5 Somalia 0.62 01:03:27:33

6 Vanuatu 0.63 01:03:00:56

7 Syrian Arab Republic 0.68 01:01:17:00

8 Venezuela 0.7 01:00:24:26

9 Congo 0.72 00:23:32:37

10 Benin 0.73 00:23:27:23

MP calls for answers on BT broadband deal

Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has said there are unanswered questions from the UK government on their announced deal with BT to provide broadband, with concerns over the benefits to rural Scotland and whether the proposals are the best deal for the taxpayer.

BT has offered to provide the infrastructure for 99% of premises in the UK to get broadband speeds of at least 10 megabits per second by 2020. Gavin said: “There are some important questions that need answered urgently about this deal. It’s not clear if all of Scotland is going to benefit from the broadband roll-out or what the time scales for the more remote communities are.

This is an issue which is particular importance to the rural areas and villages in Renfrewshire and we need to see the details from the UK government urgently.

“It is not just the remote Highland and island communities that lack access to fast and reliable broadband as areas such as Houston and Bridge of Weir in Renfrewshire also need to gain to access to superfast broadband and we need clarity on when the service is going to improve.

“We also need answers on its potential impact on the Scottish Government’s own commitment to provide access to superfast broadband to 100 per cent of Scotland’s homes and businesses by 2021.

“We also don’t know if this represents the best value for the public, when there has been no specification, no tender, no other providers involved – the Tories have just enabled BT to maintain its monopoly in this market and we do not know if this is a good deal for the taxpayer.”

Photo Credit: Adrian Malec

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  • MP Calls For Answers On BT Broadband Deal