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Are you overpaying for broadband?</p><p>Check out these CEE 2017 deals 0

Are you overpaying for broadband?

Check out these CEE 2017 deals

The answer is probably yes. It’s time to revisit the broadband plans for service providers in Singapore to see how you can get the biggest bang for your buck. With the PC show 2017 and CEE 2017 happening at the same time but at different locations, we hope our quick comparison table will help you decide where to head to this weekend.

The PC show this year is held at Marina Bay Sands while the Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CEE 2017) at Suntec Convention Centre. Both events will run from 1 – 4 June 2017. At the shows, telcos will be featuring the Mesh Network, a system aimed to enhance your home WiFi. It’s basically a system of multiple Wi-Fi stations that work together to cover every corner of your home with a strong wireless data connection.

To us, it seems like a network more suited for bigger houses rather than our tiny HDB apartments but hey, you may have your favourite spots in the home that you want strong wireless data signals. If you are curious about Mesh Network, check out WhizComms booth at Suntec and asks about their WiFi Clinic, an onsite home WiFi Audit Service and installation service for information about suitable equipment and how to maximise WiFi coverage in your homes. Summary of Broadband deals at PC Show 2017 and CEE 2017: For the cheapest 1Gbps home broadband, it seems like WhizComms is in the lead.

Other than offering the lowest priced home broadband monthly subscription at $36, the contract period is only 12 months instead of the usual 24 months for most other players. WhizComms is also running a promotion now–for the firs 50 customers per day, you pay only $18 per month of subscription. For those who don’t like to be bound by a contract, MyRepublic offers 1Gbps home broadband at $59.99 per month. Singtel has the cheapest WiFi mesh service at an additional $10 per month for AirTies WiFi Mesh.

If you are interest to supercharge your coverage in your home, you can consider taking up the AirTies WiFi Mesh plan. For Singtel mobile customers, you get the additional benefit of 10% off your mobile subscription. Singtel M1 Starhub MyRepublic WhizComms Minimum Contractual Period 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months 12 months Price $59.90/month for 24 months $49.90/month for 24 months $39/month for 24 months $59.99/month for 12 months or no contract $49.99/month for 24 months $36/month for 12 months $32/month for 24 months  Freebies Free 4 months subscription Free Wireless Dual-band AC router Free Home line Free Singtel WiFi Free 4G mobile broadband (500MB) 10% off mobile subscription. Wireless AC Router 24 mths 4G Mobile Broadband – Typical Download Speed (Mbps)*: 41.1 – 104.0 Home Fixed Voice Service ONT Activation (worth $58.85), Delivery on Weekdays, Monday – Friday (9am – 5pm) 3 months’ subscription to Internet Security Option to top-up for Entertainment Add-ons from as low as $5/mth Free 3 months subscription for 24 months contract $250 new router discount for 24 months contract $100 new router discount for 12 months contract Free TP Installation (worth up to $235.40) Free Home Voice line subscription Free 6 months subscription for 12 months contract (First 50 registrations per day at their CEE booth) Free 3 months subscription for both 12 months and 24 months contracts if you’re not the first 50 to subscribe each day at the booth Option to add on router at $98 Mesh Network or other WiFi Booster service Add $10/month for AirTies WiFi Mesh (total $240 over 24 months contract) Add $30/month for Linksys Velop Dynamic Tri-band technology (total $720 over 24 months contract) NA Add $20.90/month for Linksys Velop (total $501.60 over 24 months contract) $249 for 1 unit of Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh WiFi System $620 for 3 units of Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh WiFi System NA Add in total $338 for Mesh service with coverage up to 3000sqft (Usual price $428) Includes 2 units of Seamless WiFi Roaming System from TP-Link Deco (commonly known as Mesh Network) Complementary accessories provided for setup (e.g.

cables, power plugs, adapters) Effective Price for 1Gbps broadband without Mesh Network service (excludes non-quantifiable freebies) $49.92/month $43.66/month $39/month $41.66/month   12 months contract: $18/month (only 1 st 50 sign-ups per day at the booth) $27/month (if you’re not the first 50 to sign-up at their booth)   24 months contract: Show Booth CEE 2017, Suntec Convention Centre Level 4,  Booth 8818 PC Show 2017, MBS Level 1, Booth 8018 CEE 2017, Suntec Convention Centre Level 4,  Booth 8438 CEE 2017, Suntec Convention Centre Level 4, Booth 8460 / 8480PC Show 2017,  MBS Level 1, Booth 8009 CEE 2017, Suntec Convention Centre Level 4, Booth 8101 CEE 2017, Suntec Convention Centre Level 4, Booth 8501 Comments

Shortlists for 2017 ISPA Awards announced 0

Shortlists for 2017 ISPA Awards announced

Shortlists for 2017 ISPA Awards announced The 19th ISPA Awards 1 is only two months away now and the fifteen categories had their shortlists announced on Friday 5th May and we are a bit slow is getting the list up onto our news due to the small matter of a launching a new version of the thinkbroadband site. “The companies shortlisted at this year’s ISPA Awards play a vital role in ensuring the UK remains a world leading digital economy.

The 19th ISPAs once again demonstrates the innovation and diversity of our industry and I look forward to finding out the winners at the gala awards ceremony on July 13th.” ISPA Secretary General Nick Lansman The venue for the awards ceremony has changed for 2017 and is the Café de Paris with the process behind the awards commencing last December as companies entered, followed by technical testing that we carried for the four broadband categories and hosting, thus ensuring that for example in the superfast broadband category the service is not just a slow old service hiding behind a fancy name.   The 2017 ISPAs shortlist Best Superfast Broadband Best Business Broadband ASK4 Bridge Fibre Entanet International BT Business Exa Networks Hyperoptic Hyperoptic Luminet Venus Business Communications M247   RM Education   Venus Business Communications Best Rural Broadband Best Wireless Airband Community Internet ASK4 Gigaclear plc Luminet Quickline Communications M12 Solutions (Wessex Internet) South West Internet M24Seven Wessex Internet from M12 Solutions South West Internet Best Host Best Wholesale catalyst2 Entanet International Exa Networks TalkTalk Business Heart Internet Venus Business Communications Memset Zen Internet Storm Internet Best Hardware Best Tech Law Firm Linksys Velop Browne Jacobson LLP RADWIN JET PRO Kemp Little LLP Sky Broadband LawBite Preiskel & Co LLP Best Marketing Best VoIP Bowan Arrow – ShoreTel Partner Demand Program Gradwell Communications Entanet International Ltd – Target Partner Programme iNet Telecoms LivingCom – The Rental Requirements of Millennial Movers white paper Soho66 Plusnet Telappliant StudentCom – Generation Z VIA Talk Straight Ltd (Schools Broadband) – Discovery Kids VoIPstudio Executive of the Year Best Cloud Dana Tobak, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Hyperoptic catalyst2 Furqan Alamgir, Founder & CEO, Connexin Exa Networks Lee Perkins, CEO, M24Seven Memset Matthew Hare, Chief Executive and Founder, Gigaclear Storm Internet Steve Hodges, Managing Director, Astro Communications Talk Straight Suzie Hargreaves OBE, Chief Executive, Internet Watch Foundation VIA Best Consumer Customer Service Best Business Customer Service CableCom Networking catalyst2 Hyperoptic Entanet International MacAce Luminet Plusnet Storm Internet Sky Talk Straight Wessex Internet from M12 Solutions Telappliant Wifinity Limited Best Security Exa Networks MacAce Memset Sky Storm Internet Talk Straight Comments Post a comment Login Register 2 3 References ^ 19th ISPA Awards ( ^ Login ( ^ Register (

AT&T to deliver DirecTV Now service over 5G in Austin 0

AT&T to deliver DirecTV Now service over 5G in Austin

Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET AT&T said Wednesday it will test a 5G wireless service to deliver its new DirecTV Now 1 streaming TV offer to select homes in Austin Texas in the first half of this year. The Dallas-based wireless and broadband company said the $35 a month internet streaming service, which offers an alternative to traditional cable and satellite TV services, will use a fixed 5G wireless connection instead of AT&T’s 4G mobile network to deliver the streaming service 2 to TVs and other internet-connected devices in the home. The purpose of the trial is to see how AT&T’s next generation wireless network could replace a home broadband connection delivered by a cable company.

Specifically, AT&T said it wants to see how it handles heavy amounts of video traffic. As part of the trial, AT&T said it will also test additional “next generation entertainment services.” The company didn’t specify what those services will be. A service like this one could mean the end of the cable guy coming to your house and punching holes in your walls to route a coaxial line into your living room.

And in places where there’s only one option for home broadband or TV service, it could mean more competition, which will hopefully lead to cheaper services for consumers.

5G is the next or “fifth” generation of wireless technology. 3 It’s expected to be up to 100 times faster than current 4G technology. This means downloading all six episodes of Game of Thrones in minutes. AT&T says in the labs it’s seen download speeds of 14 gigabits per second.

AT&T wireless users on its 4G network are lucky to get 14 megabits per second downloads.

5G will also make AT&T’s network more responsive by improving latency or the time it takes the network to respond. This means a quicker response when you hit the play button and start to see video streaming or when you tap on a web link and start to see it download. AT&T says it’s successfully demonstrated latency of less than 3 milliseconds in the lab.

Compare this to the latency on a 4G LTE network, which averages around 50 milliseconds. The real promise of 5G AT&T’s test of its 5G network as a cable replacement is just the beginning for the technology. The superfast speeds and low latency not only make it a great replacement for traditional wired broadband services, but it could also pave the way for connecting at least 100 billion devices to the internet, enabling and improving a slew of smart monitoring sensors like streetlights, traffic signals, and self-driving vehicles.

While there’s already been lots of talk about 5G networks, it’s still early days for the technology. The industry hasn’t even come to an agreement on what the standards for 5G look like — an optimistic forecast for that is in 2018. Still, wireless operators are pushing forward.

Verizon Wireless got the hype train rolling late last year when it said it would be the first to deploy field trials and commercially deploy 5G 4 . AT&T followed suit, announcing last month that it’s testing out 5G for a single business customer 5 in Austin. And now it will test the service with residential customers.

Sprint and T-Mobile are also gearing up for 5G testing. This year is expected to be a year of testing. Fixed wireless services, like the one AT&T is testing, won’t likely begin to roll out at scale until at least 2018, and most of the really cool stuff that 5G will supposedly enable that wireless companies talk about is still at least a few years away.

References ^ DirecTV Now ( ^ will use a fixed 5G wireless connection instead of AT&T’s 4G mobile network to deliver the streaming service ( ^ “fifth” generation of wireless technology. ( ^ it said it would be the first to deploy field trials and commercially deploy 5G ( ^ testing out 5G for a single business customer (