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The top 10 worst places in the UK for broadband reception 0

The top 10 worst places in the UK for broadband reception

Getting online is a part of modern life but there are some places in the UK where it is a lot harder than others. In fact, there are places in Wales with Internet speeds that are worse than those at the base camp at Mount Everest, which is higher than 2Mbps. The figures, revealed by the House of Commons, show that several of the top ten areas for the worst speeds in the UK are in Wales.

Here are the bottom 10 by parliamentary constituency…

Wales has slowest download speeds in UK 0

Wales has slowest download speeds in UK

These figures serve to reaffirm the disproportionate divide between those areas which are able to access superfast broadband and those rural communities struggling to achieve the Government’s own baseline download speed of 10Mb/s. It’s shocking that out of the ten worst performing areas for broadband speeds, seven are in Wales, with two in my constituency of Dwyfor Meirionnydd. Indeed, of those regions identified as having shockingly poor download speeds, North West Wales fares the worst.

It should be appreciated that people living in rural areas find the glacial pace at which superfast broadband is being rolled-out is aggravated by all-round poor connectivity. Many of my constituents are unable to access what Ofcom recognises as the speed necessary to deliver an ‘acceptable user experience’, required for basic tasks such as web browsing, streaming and video calling. Upgrading digital infrastructure in rural areas is crucial to ensuring that the rural economy is not further disadvantaged.

The current situation evidently puts businesses at a disadvantage & may make potential employers think twice about investing in such areas.

What we need in Wales is parity of access to the country’s telecoms infrastructure.

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